Fast Facts

  • Location: Approximately 21 miles north east of Phuket
  • Attraction type: Natural wonder
  • Significance: A bay full of limestone caves, cliff enclosed lagoons accessible only during high tides, and cliffs jutting out of emerald green sea water
  • Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year
  • Visiting hours: Daytime
  • How to Reach: By boat from Phuket up to the mouth of the bay and thereafter by canoes
  • Nearest International Airport: Phuket

Phang Nga Bay is the famous bay that was the setting of the popular James Bond movie ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’. It is also the island most loved by the Thai people themselves. A pinnacled rock jutting out of emerald green immortalized by this film draws tourists in hordes. Vertical limestone cliffs piercing through sea waters, honeycomb caves and ‘hongs’ characterize Phang Nga Bay in Thailand.

Phang Nga Bay is a site of unusual relief formation of limestone cliffs protruding even upto 940 feet from the sea surface, limestone caves, and tidal lagoons. In addition to Koh Ping-gan or ‘James Bond Island’, Koh Panyee or ‘Sea Gypsy Island’ is another significant island in this bay. An entire village is built on stilts against the backdrop of a massive monolith. Khao Khien island is famous for ancient rock paintings of animals and boats.

Things to do
Travel from Phuket in a boat to the head of Phang Nga Bay from where you change over to a canoe or kayak for visiting these fabulous islands. Every canoe would carry two tourists and a guide who also rows. The guide would take you to all the magnificent islands with mangroves, limestone caves and ‘hongs’. Have lunch in Sea Gypsy Island, and shop for handcrafted items. The best time to visit the ‘hongs’ is in the evening when the tide is high and most of these ‘hongs’ become easily accessible. Having dinner in these cliff surrounded lagoons under a starlight sky would take you to a world of fantasy. This lifetime experience must never be missed.

Take a magical voyage in sailed solid wooden boats through the waters of Phang Nga Bay, where three boats, each towing a dingy, move in unison parallel to one another.

Accommodation in Phang Nga Bay
People traveling to Phang Nga Bay mostly stay in Phuket. However, Koyao Island Resort and The Paradise Koh Yao are accommodations in Koh Yao Noi island in Phang Nga Bay.

Dining in Phang Nga Bay
Sea Gypsy Island or Koh Panyee is the best place for having items prepared from fresh sea fishes, mollusks, and lobsters. Having dinner under the starlit sky in the ‘hongs’ is a specialty in Phang Nga Bay.

‘Hongs’ are physical features that are typical of Thailand Phang Nga Bay east of Phuket. These ‘hongs’ were created when the roofs of limestone caves gave in to form cliff-lined tidal lagoons open to the sky. Access to these ‘hongs’ are through limestone caves which were discovered in 1990. Significance

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