Fast Facts

  • Location: Located south of Da Nang in Vietnam.
  • Attraction Type: City
  • Significance: Hoi An is know for its Old Town, its history and heritage.
  • Best time to Visit: February to May.
  • How to Reach: Those who are coming down by air, need to land at Da Nang International Airport. Take a car from there to reach Hoi An. Buses are also available from Da Nang to Hoi An.
  • Nearest Airport: Da Nang International Airport (DAD).

Even after passing of hundreds of years and stepping in of the so-called modernity into the city, it is still the essence of the old town that keep attracting thousands throughout the world to this beautiful city in Vietnam. Hoi An is a wonderful city that would mesmerize anyone with its old charm, history and heritage.

Located south of Da Nang in Vietnam, Hoi An was once a major international port during the 16th and 17the centuries. Though the serious shipping business is not quite a part of the city anymore, which has sifted over to Da Nang, however it is still the Old Town that remains the heart of the city of Hoi An these days. The winding lanes, Chinese-styled chophouses, and the typical evening atmosphere — Hoi An is certainly unique in its characteristics. Explore Hoi An to its fullest, you will enjoy the every moment that you spend here.

Visiting Hoi An
The center of Hoi An is quite small and can best be explored by foot. However you need to keep a close eye on the passing motorbikes, as they could be a bit problematic for the pedestrian in the too-narrow lanes.

The biggest attraction of Hoi An is surely its Old Town. The Old Town still holds the history and heritage of the city. For visiting the historical sites of the Hoi An, you need to go for coupon system. You buy a coupon (around US$5) and you will be allowed to enter into five attractions, viz. one museum, one assembly hall, one old house, the handicraft workshop or the traditional theater and any one of the Quan Cong Temple and Japanese Covered Bridge. You can buy your ticket from various entry points into the Old Town.

While in Hoi An, you can visit the attractions like Japanese Covered Bridge, Quan Cong Temple, several museums, old houses and congregation halls. There are quite a few museums, which include Museum of Folk Culture, Museum of Trade Ceramics, Hoi An Museum of History and Culture and Museum of Say Huynh Culture. You can also visit the old houses like Phung Hung House, Quan Thang House, Tan Ky House etc. The popular congregation halls include Hokien Meeting Hall, Cantonese Assembly Hall and Chinese All-Community Meeting Hall etc. Before you complete your tour to Hoi An, you can also pay your visit to Hoi An Handicraft Workshop, Traditional Theater and The Hoi An Orphanage etc.

There are some wonderful beaches in Hoi An for those who love sand, sun and sea. There are quite a few beach resorts as well to make your trip a truly memorable one. But for this, you may have to go a bit out of the city.

There are hundreds of hotels in Hoi An for all sort of travelers. If you are looking for some budget accommodation, you can choose from the hotels like An Phu, Dai Long, Green Field Hotel, Grassland Hotel, Phuoc An Hotel, Nhi Nhi Hotel etc. Whereas, you are looking for some mid-range ones, you can choose form Ha An Hotel, Hoai Thanh Hotel, Hoi An Indochine Hotel, An Huy Hotel etc. Among the high-end hotels, you can choose from Dong An Beach Hotel, Hoi An Pacific Hotel, Furama Beach Resort etc.

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