The Arabian countries have an oriental charm about them. The same is true for Yemen, situated in the Arabian Peninsula. Culturally rich and historically profound, the country has various places that you can visit. Though the social unrest and the political unrest is what forms the major concern, yet the place is ranks high for its tourist attractions. If security is your concern, let it hold you back from a lifetime experience of the rock art, the forts, islands and the beautiful cities. The social security systems are way efficient and strict these days. We have discussed some of the must see places in Yemen for to choose.

Places you must see in Yemen
Yemen seems to be a wonderland. You have variety as well as beauty. Here is what you can explore in your stay in this Arab country.

The Rock Art of Sa’da
If history and the ancient past is what fascinate you, then do not miss the Rock Art of Sada. This contains the texts written and the paintings done by the nomads. All of them have a history of approximately 4,500 years. The sketches are mostly in the canyon walls. Lot of animal figures dominates the paintings, like snakes, rams and cattle.

Wadi Dhahr
Talk of the bountiful gifts of nature in Yemen, and you have to visit Wadi Dhahr. This is known as a quaint valley where you would find the fruits and vegetables in abundance. A major tourist attraction here is the Imam Yahya’s Palace. This was constructed in the 1930’s at the apex of a high standing rock. It is this piece of rock that came to be known as Dar Al Hajar or the Rock Palace in time.

Socotra Island
Your visit to this island takes you to the various flora and fauna that exists here. Expect interesting species and surprising facts about then only here. You would come across a centipede feeding on the flesh of many birds and reptiles. The sight that you should never miss is that of the Dragon’s Blood Trees.

Rocks and stone in myriad shapes and dimension and buildings of wood are a work of art. This is one of the predominant sights in Shibam. The other name for the place is Desert Manhattan. As per records, this was the city where the first skyscraper buildings originated. The city is known for its archeological landmarks.

Old City of Sana’a
Listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s, this city is a must visit for those who want to relive the ancient times in Yemen. The city is characterized by Islamic mosques and other traditional buildings. A major tourist attraction is the beautiful tower made up of crushed earth. All this adds to the beauty and charm of the city.

Aden City
For the ones having a desire to be amidst the serene waters and the grand monuments, this is an ideal place to visit. Aden Museum is the most visited tourist attraction here. This apart, there are water parks as well as the lagoons and bird watching sites. There are several resorts for you to relax.

The Incense Road
If you are visiting Socotra, then you can also take sometime out and visit the Incense Road. Arrange for a 62-day long trip and you can explore many towns and cities. Incense Road is a legendary one. As the name suggests, it is famous for carrying more than 3,000 tons of incense. This was prevalent in the ancient times.

Other places that you must visit in Yemen are:-
The Shihara Suspended Bridge

Kawbakan City
Souk of Beit Al-Faqih

A bit of color, shades of history and splendid architecture is what makes the tourist attractions in Yemen famous. If you have been planning a trip, the months September and December are best time to visit.

Fast Facts

Location: Yemen
Capital: Sanaa
Currency: Yemeni Rial
Language: Arabic, Somali, Mehri, English
Best time to Visit: From September until year-end
Time Zone: GMT (UTC) +3
Calling Code: 967
Major Airports: Sanaa International Airport

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