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Beaches Of The World

Do you want to escape the stress of every day’s hectic life for a few days? Do you crave for a vacation full of fun, sports, adventure, romance, sand, and water? Then pack your bags and head to one of the must see beaches around the world. Each of these beaches offers you a vibrant night life and plethora of activities. If you are a lazy bone, you can relax by the water’s edge. You can also visit these places with your sweetheart and whisper words of love into her soft ears. Taking long walks along the long sandy beach will boost up your romance and make you long for each other even more.

Most Popular Beaches around the World

Sandy white beaches are found everywhere in the world. If you have time and the required money, there is no reason to limit your visit nation-wise. You can make a tour of any one of the top beaches in the world and turn your trip experience into recollections. Some of the top beaches are as follows- In this section you can find out the most famous beaches in the world. So just read more to select your destination from amongst the best beaches of the World.

Waikiki, Hawaii

This is one of the most exotic beaches of Hawaii and is located on the southern shore of Oahu island. This famous beach is an ideal spot to spend a relaxing vacation. If you see the beach pictures of this island, you will be mesmerized by the magnificent view ocean and the rocks. For quite some distance, the water is fairly shallow having a number of rocks at the bottom. If you are fond of wading into the waves, be cautious of where to put your feet. The weather remains excellent all through the year. During windy days, the waves develop some forces. Millions of tourists come here to view the magnificent sunset.

Surfer’s Paradise, Australia

This is situated on Gold Coast in Queensland. It is colloquially known as ‘surfers’, because of the wide beach ideal for surfing. You can go to the nearby islands by boat. The beach is just like a paradise for those who are fond of surfing. Apart from surfing, you will also get to enjoy a lot of other water activities. You can also enjoy a comfortable stay in the resorts and take part in the famous night life activities.

El Aqua, South America

If you have made plans for travel South America, El Aqua should be your first destination. This popular beach lies on the northern coast of Isla Margarita, Venezuela. The stunning sandy white beach is lined with palm trees. The emerald blue water and the surroundings will surely take your breath away. You will get a lot of swimming and hiking opportunities as well. The restaurants and bars offer good quality food and beverage.

Praia do Forte, Brazil

If you want to enjoy a relaxing holiday in one of the tropical beaches, having stunning surroundings, then this should be the place to visit.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

This is one of the most exotic beaches in the United States, situated on the eastern coast of South Carolina. More than a million people come to this place every year. This is also known as the “Golf Capital of the World” for its 120 golf courses spread around the town. Here, you can enjoy a wide variety of water activities like fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, and surfing. If you are not so fond of moving your limbs, this beach is also the perfect place to lie around, sunbathe and drink the beauty of crystal blue water.

Miami Beach, Florida

This world famous SoBe (South Beach) is located in the southern part of Florida. This beach boasts of immigrating unique Cuban culture in their pastel colored restaurants, shops, bars, and resorts. You will definitely feel like a celebrity while walking through the much viewed sandy beaches, shot in famous television shows like CSI Miami.

Ka’anapali Beach, Maui

Ka’anapali beach offers you the best of Maui. Stretched for 3 miles, this blend of sand and deep blue ocean will give you an essence of heaven. You can relax in the gardens or on the beach and feel like the ancient Hawaii Kings and Queens. In earlier times, this place used to be the training ground for Hawaiian warriors. You can surely feel the spirit even now! You can also see the panoramic view of the islands situated all around.

Tahiti, Polynesia

This beach in French Polynesia is awesome for unwinding yourself at the white, clean and warm sand. You can enjoy doing a myriad of water sports. You can also sunbath and get a golden tan. You can also view the volcanic mountain with lush green rain forests. This island is a dream destination for divers. You can also watch the exotic marine life through the transparent sky-blue water.

Venice Beach, California

This is one of the best beaches in California. You can enjoy all sorts of beach games here, haggle with vendors and watch people. Crystal clear water with sweeping sands will tempt you. Venice Beach boasts of exquisite scenic beauty, restaurants serving sumptuous meals and a lot of activities. So, there is no wonder why celebrities like Nicolas Cage and Julia Roberts have chosen this place for their residences.

Oceanside City Beach

Ever read of any brochure that gives a guide to San Diego? The first thing you must have noticed is all about beaches in San Diego. This tropical beach lies to the northern part of the County. The eloquent beach with tranquil blue water and lines of palm trees are perfect to take a stroll along with the special person in your life. If you are fond of adventures, you can also try fishing from the Oceanside pier or go rollerblading. You can find great places to stay nearby the beach. Like many other beaches in USA, this one also has professional lifeguards. So, even if you are novice there will not be any lie threatening danger.

Radhanagar Beach, India

This popular beach located at Havelock Island in Andaman will touch your eternal soul with its serenity. Situated far away from crowd and pollution the beach casts a majestic spell and attracts large number of tourists. You can also see a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Activities at Beaches:

Most beaches are popular as recreational sites. Sunbathing is probably the greatest attraction of a beach vacation. It is not only a great way to relax, but a great way to exhibit your familiarity with the changing face of fashion. However, remember that sunbathing norms differ greatly from culture to culture, and what may be an absolutely acceptable behavior in one beach may not be so in another. So, check local customs well before you strip down to your gorgeous swimsuit. The best beaches are the ones that have been accorded the Blue Flag status based on water quality and safety requirements. Some of the most popular beaches of the world are designated Blue Flag beaches.

You can enjoy at beaches by egaging youself in any of the activities like:
  • playing volleyballs
  • collecting sea shells and beach pebbles
  • Surf fishing
  • Play Frisbee
  • Build sandcastles
  • Bonfire parties
  • Look for dolphins and other sea creatures
  • Drink and enjoy sea food
  • Shopping

The best way to explore some of the beaches is to get yourself an accommodation in one of the magnificent beach resorts. This gives you a great degree of privacy and you also get a chance to avail the luxurious amenities they provide. Whenever you travel to a beach, mix a sense of responsibility with your enjoyment. Follow the necessary guidelines laid down by the local authorities for both your safety and the safety of the environment. Refrain from adding to beach wastes as that can be a serious environmental hazard. 

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