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With so many places to go and see on this beautiful planet of ours, it can be tough to make a list of the best ones. Even this list of YouMustSee’s dream destinations is tough to compile – do you go for the best beaches? The most cultural attractions? The mouth-watering cuisine? Trying to pick out the top spots for your next vacation depends on a ton of personal desires and values; what makes one city a must for you would push it down the pecking order of another, which means the ensuing debate is the fun part of any discussion like this.


Here are our top five selections, but feel free to add your own in the comments section:



The Eternal City comes in at the top of most lists – and for good reason. Even if it hadn’t been a central part of Western civilization for more than 25 centuries, this cultural phenomenon would bring people in by the millions. The food, from antipasti to ziti, will leave your taste buds feeling overwhelmed from the moment you land. Then, as you visit the Spanish Steps and Pantheon or walk in the footsteps of the gladiators at the Colosseum, you will immediately be immersed in the amazing achievements of classical architects. And, with the museums in Vatican City and artwork on display at Galleria Borghese, you will have plenty of small-scale manmade wonders to take in, too.



France has been the most-visited country for several years and the City of Light is a big reason why. The iconic Eiffel Tower is more than just a landmark, it’s an ideal way to attempt to pick out all the places you’ll want to go before you leave! You’ll have to stop at the Louvre for a look at some of the greatest works of art in history, but even a quiet walk along the Seine River can offer plenty for you to see and do. Whether you dive into the cultural hotspots or just settle in for a sunny afternoon at a café, you will find the romance of this European beauty tough to beat.


The Maldives

This gorgeous collection of islands in the Indian Ocean is easily one of the planet’s best spots for a beach getaway. The water is always warm and crystal clear, the sands are sugary white and inviting. That said, you won’t just find yourself stuck being a beach bum the whole time – there are ample locations for snorkeling and one or two world class scuba diving areas, as well as uninhabited islands that will give you a clear picture of what Mother Nature sculpted this archipelago to look like before man arrived. As if that’s not enough, a sunset cruise on the calm waters is a feast for the eyes.


New York City

You could spend years attempting to squeeze the juice from the Big Apple and never come close. You might start with the glittering lights of Times Square before making your way over to the beautiful Grand Central Terminal. There are dozens of plays and Broadway shows, not to mention some of the best shopping you could ask for, to fill your time with. That is not to take away from the steel canyon created by the skyscrapers you’ll be walking through, but be sure to schedule an afternoon to escape into Central Park, too. All the hustle and bustle of The City That Never Sleeps can take its toll.



Australia’s capital is best-known for its Opera House and the spectacular Harbour Bridge in its shadow, but there is so much more! Blending the national obsession with the outdoors seamlessly into the cosmopolitan development, you will find plenty of nature parks to hike or bike through both inside and outside of city limits. Despite being one of the largest economic centers in Oceania, it maintains a laid-back atmosphere – young executives can often be spotted changing from three-piece suits into surfing gear in order to catch waves near Bondi or Manly Beaches.



St. Lucia

It’s too difficult to choose between the world’s best beaches, so we’ve squeezed an extra destination on the list.  St. Lucia island is one of several volcanic remnants in the Caribbean, which provides fertile soil for the thick vegetation that climbs the mountains. You will find it’s peaks stretch skyward above postcard-perfect azure waters, making it an ideal spot to relax in the sun. Nature lovers will enjoy every inch of the land mass, as tropical rain forests give way to amazing sights, like the Sulphur Springs – the boiling waters cast low clouds of steam into the surrounding trees.


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