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The Baths, British Virgin Islands

Fast Facts

Location: British Virgin Islands
Time to Visit: October to March
How to Reach: You can take ferry services to Virgin Gorda, the home of the Baths from various places like Anegada and Red Hook and other places. It takes around 35 minutes to come to the island
Nearest International Airport: Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport
Time required for sightseeing: 2-3 days

The best part of a travel to the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean is walking on the way that joins the Baths beach and the Devil's Bay. The boulders that line both sides of the path make it a wonderful walking trail. They are found and form wonderful formations on the shallow water of the sea. The Baths is unbelievably beautiful; the wonderful grottos make it ideal for romantic getaways.

The Baths, British Virgin Islands is a natural gem in the Caribbean region. If you wish to spend a quite and serene vacation in the midst of scenic beauty and natural charm, come to the Baths, British Virgin Islands. Located in the Virgin Gorda region of the British Virgin Islands, the beaches of the Baths are ideal for spending some days in solitude. Make trips to the area and enjoy nature to the fullest!

The Baths in British Virgin Islands are located in the area between the Spring Bay and Devil's Bay. The place consists of a great collection of granite formations which have led to the formation of exotic pools and beautiful grottos. The unique geological formation in the area makes it rank among the most popular tourist attractions in the British Virgin Islands.

The beaches of the Baths were created due to the deposits of volcanic particles which led to the formation of granite and volcanic cliffs. The area consists of natural pools, tunnels, scenic grottoes and natural boulders. The largest boulder has a length of around 40 feet. Since 1990, the region was declared as "BVI National Park" and thousands of tourists and nature lovers come to this place.

The beaches of the Baths, British Virgin Islands are famous for their scenic beauty and idyllic ambience. Located by the shores of the blue sea, the beaches are surrounded by pine and coconut trees. You can enjoy a short stroll as well as bask under the sun. There are local dining hubs and pubs located on the beach where you can have a taste of mouth watering local delicacies and refreshing drinks.

The British Virgin Islands is an ideal place for various water sports. Hundreds of adventure lovers flock this area to embark on various water sports trips like yachting, sailing, swimming and snorkeling. Boating and cruising in the Baths is a highly enjoyable experience. By undertaking boating trips, you can visit some other attractions like Tortola, Norman Island, Anegada and other places.

The ideal time for coming to the Baths in British Virgin Islands is between the months of October and March. The climate in the British Virgin Islands is mostly tropical and the weather ranges from hot and humid in the summers to pleasant in the winter months. Being a popular tourist destination, there are numerous hotels and resorts in and around the area. They offer pleasant lodging facilities and services. You can also visit the local restaurants to have a taste of freshly prepared delicious sea food and local dishes.

Coming to the Baths is also easy. You can take ferry services to Virgin Gorda, the home of the Baths from various places like Anegada and Red Hook and other places. It takes around 35 minutes to come to the island. A number of operators are available which offer cruise and boat trips within the various places of the British Virgin Islands. You can use buses and cars to travel to various locations within Virgin Gorda.

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