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  • Location: The Caribbean region is located southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and Northern America, east of Central America and to the north of South America. The beaches are found along the Caribbean Sea, its islands (most of which enclose the sea) and the surrounding coasts.
  • Time to Visit: December through mid-April
  • How to Reach:If you are looking for a quick trip, air travel is your best option and numerous major airline carriers – from departure points all over the world – have frequent flights to the Caribbean.

    If you would like to make the journey part of your memorable vacation, a leisurely ocean cruise may be just your style. Nearly two dozen cruise lines offer an array of vacation packages and continuously sail to the Caribbean, especially in the winter months.

    Apart from them, you may charter a private “bareboat” and sail through the crystal blue Caribbean waters at your own pace; hire a skippered boat for a little company or embark on a fully crewed yacht for total luxury and comfort on the high seas.
  • Nearest International Airport: San Juan International Airport

Do not miss an under-water dive when you are in the Caribbean. Shallow water diving is a very safe sport and can be undertaken in any of the major Caribbean beaches, under the guidance and the watchful eyes of expert trainers. Your age does not really matter, but if you are not taking in a snorkeling or scuba diving experience in the Caribbean, you are surely missing out on something special.

The Caribbean is a paradise on earth. Its culture, vibrancy, beauty and spirit is different from all other coastal and beach destinations of the entire world. It is the place to surf, sunbathe, snorkel, relax and groove to some exquisite calypso. In the Caribbean, you are never far from music, and the natural hospitality of the local people make it an ideal tourist destination. The place has history and heritage galore, but nothing attract visitors more than its endless, sun-kissed beaches.

Most of the Caribbean beaches boast of pure white sand and warm, clear water. They are perfect for sunbathing, taking snaps of the panoramic landscape, collecting shells or enjoying the crystal waters. Some of the dream beaches in the Caribbean include:

  • Conception Island
    Conception Island with its sanctuary for birds, sea turtles, barracuda and fish and two magnificent white sand beaches, one of the “out islands” east of the Exumas in the Bahamas, is a perfect paradise of peace.
  • Fransiqui Island
    Located within the well-kept secret of Los Roques, Fransiqui Island is a fantastic destination for day-tripping windsurfers, fishermen and beach aficionados.
  • Mopion
    The scenic Mopion, come into view on dozens of magazine covers and enclosed by a transparent sea, is literally a poster child for the Caribbean. The nearby private-island resort Petit St. Vincent is a popular picnic spot while those coming to Mayreau or Union Island; enjoy their staying in Mopion as a snorkeling and tanning excursion.
  • Petit Tabac
    Petit Tabac, a slice of soft sand crowned by green palms, is one of St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ sparkling jewels within the Tobago Cays National Marine Park.
  • Sandy Island
    Storms and currents continuously influence Sandy Island and as a result of this, one year the winds and waves will tumble palms and scrape away sand and the next year or even the next week you will find a new stretch of beach or that the lagoon has changed its shape.
  • Sandy Spit
    Starting with a patch of stumpy sea grapes interspersed by palms, this is a perfect venue to spend a relaxing vacation.
  • Isla Saona
    The tropical island of Isla Saona, only a short distance from the mainland on the south-east tip of the Dominican Republic, is a popular destination for tourists from all over the Dominican Republic. The Island is famous for the scenic beauty of its beautiful beaches.
  • Tahiti Beach
    If you love the idea to spend some relaxing time at a secluded beach, Tahiti at the far end of Elbow Cay Isla on the northern coastline of the Bahamas, is the perfect venue.

    Caribbean island beaches, offering fine food, great shopping, vibrant nightlife and numerous activities like golf, snorkeling, diving, swimming with the stingrays and laying out on the sand, are a truly distinct pleasure. Explore the Caribbean, home of the perfect white sands and crystal blue waters!

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