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  • Location: The Caribbean region is located southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and Northern America, east of Central America and to the north of South America. The beaches are found along the Caribbean Sea, its islands (most of which enclose the sea) and the surrounding coasts.
  • Time to Visit: December through mid-April
  • How to Reach:If you are looking for a quick trip, air travel is your best option and numerous major airline carriers – from departure points all over the world – have frequent flights to the Caribbean.

    If you would like to make the journey part of your memorable vacation, a leisurely ocean cruise may be just your style. Nearly two dozen cruise lines offer an array of vacation packages and continuously sail to the Caribbean, especially in the winter months.

    Apart from them, you may charter a private “bareboat” and sail through the crystal blue Caribbean waters at your own pace; hire a skippered boat for a little company or embark on a fully crewed yacht for total luxury and comfort on the high seas.
  • Nearest International Airport: San Juan International Airport

This is the most exciting cruise destination in the world, with the luxury of the liners matching the variety of attractions that the sea and the shore have to offer. No cruise experience can quite match Caribbean Cruises in variety, luxury and sheer fun. Caribbean has some of the most exciting island cities, and one of the most breathtaking marine life underwater, providing you with ample off-shore and on-shore activities. Snorkeling here is as good as shopping, and finally, there are always the great cruise parties where the most beautiful people gather in their best dresses.

The Caribbean Sea, the world’s 5th largest body of water and home to more than 7,000 islands, is the most popular cruise destination all over the world. Most cruise voyagers choose a 7-day Caribbean cruise for their first-time experience at sea.

Major companies such as Royal Caribbean International, Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Line and Princess Cruises offer memorable cruising journeys through the Caribbean.

  • Eastern Caribbean
    Numerous ships move between the east and the west each week and thus creating opportunities for uninterrupted two-week sailings. You will enjoy exploring the rainforests on the islands, grand shopping and activities like rock climbing and ice skating on this huge floating resort.
  • Western Caribbean
    The western Caribbean cruise is one of the best journeys for the first-timers. You may leave from any one of the several homeports and move along a fusion of scenic Central American and island ports. You will enjoy a wide range of adventurous activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving off Grand Cayman, exploring ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico and climbing a waterfall in Jamaica.
  • Southern Caribbean
    The cruisers, who have already sailed the Caribbean before, prefer to go to the southern Caribbean for more exotic islands. Most of the weeklong tours start from Puerto Rico or Barbados and you will navigate through the unspoiled beaches, spice plantations, and romantic settings.
  • The Deep South
    A voyage to the southernmost reaches of the Caribbean Sea may be good choices during your tour and you will visit not only Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao, but St. Lucia, St. Kitts, Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk as well.
  • Central America
    In recent times, cruise lines have been trying out with their western Caribbean journeys, including more calls in Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala, and Panama.
  • Private islands
    A preferred destination for many cruisers is their cruise line’s private island where they will experience pristine beaches.
  • Short Caribbean cruises
    The great thing about the Caribbean is that it is so near to the southern ports of the US and if you don’t have much time in your hand, go for a short cruise. You may start from Miami for Jamaica and Grand Cayman and after spending two days at sea, return refreshed.
  • Long Caribbean cruise
    If you have enough vacation time, you may select to explore the entire Caribbean on one two-week cruise. With so much time to sail, you may leave from a US homeport and explore a lot of destinations in the southern, eastern and western Caribbean as well as South America.
  • Short Bahamas cruise
    Though the Bahamian islands are technically in the Atlantic, cruisers may not exclude a Bahamas cruise for the island nation’s warm weather and oceanfront attractions.
  • Long Bahamas cruise
    If you want to explore the scenic Bahamian islands, a longer Bahamas cruise is preferred and you will visit several ports within the Bahamas.

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