Fast Facts

  • Location: Along the southern Caribbean Sea, off the Venezuelan coast
  • Time to Visit: Between December and April
  • How to Reach:Curacao is served by a number of airlines. The island has daily air services from the US and daily flights to Venezuela and from the Netherlands.
    If you prefer to move up and down the waves and pass the numerous isles dotting the water surface, then you may have your pick from the cruise ships that dock at either the Curacao Mega Pier or the Curacao Cruise Terminal.
  • Nearest International Airport: Curacao International Airport

It does not matter whether you want to spend a relaxed time on one of the sunny beaches or an intimate rocky cove surrounded by massive cliffs, or want to take part in the exciting beach parties and other activities, there is one thing you are assured of in the Curacao beaches — you will never be far from the crystal clear turquoise water and pleasant weather. The best beaches of Curacao are found at the west end of the island amidst quiet inlets which are called “bocas” in Papiamentu.

The coasts of Curacao are adorned by 38 stunning white-sand beaches which have remained one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets, providing honeymooners and couples with the perfect venue to escape for their romantic getaway.

During the weekends, the beaches of Curacao are most crowded. Some of the finest beaches are located in Westpunt or West Point, so named because of its western location on the island. Although all of the beaches feature the crystalline blue waters, each one has its unique appeal and charm.

Some of the finest Curacao beaches include:

  • Westpunt Beach, well-known for the massive cliffs, entertains the divers to jump from the cliffs into the ocean below.
  • Located just south of Westpunt stands Knip Bay Beach, one of the island’s most panoramic sites because of its picturesque setting and azure water.
  • Playa Abao, lying on the northern tip of the island, is a more peaceful spot with its clear blue water and perfect stretch of white sand.
  • The romantic beach of Daai Booi Bay, nestled into the shoreline of the southern side of Curacao, is surrounded by towering cliffs.
  • Cas Abao with the facilities of a refreshment stand, changing facilities, thatched umbrellas and a large parking lot, is probably the most modern beach in the island.
  • Blauwbaai, Curacao’s largest and most wonderful beach, offers convenient amenities and services including showers and changing facilities as well as places for shade where beachgoers may go to escape the scorching sun.

No matter which beach you are visiting, snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities are excellent all around the island. The swimming beaches are clustered along the southwestern coast where the water is likely to be calm and the visibility is good.

Vacationers will find plenty of secret spots in Curacao near the sea to combine a perfect romantic retreat with a Caribbean vacation.

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