Fast Facts

  • Location: North America.
  • Capital: Hamilton.
  • Currency: Bermudian dollar (BMD), US Dollar (USD).
  • Language: English, Portuguese.
  • Best time to Visit: Spring through Autumn.
  • Time Zone: UTC -4.
  • Calling Code: +1-441
  • Major Airports: L.F. Wade International Airport or Bermuda International Airport (BDA).

If you are talking about must see places in Bermuda then remember to take necessary information before you venture into this land that looks like an excerpt from a fairy tale. The island takes you to a different world altogether, where you can wash your tired spirits in the azure water and lighten your hearts by breathing the cool air. Situated close to the east coast of the US, northeast of Miami and south of Halifax, Canada, Bermuda consists of about 138 islands with beautiful beaches perfect to saunter around freely. Surrounded by the sea, these islands are perfect for a relaxing vacation. The amazing blue ocean water and the beaches with pink sand are must see places in Bermuda that have made it one of the most preferred destinations for travelers.

The islands may look small but is scattered with various tourist spots and recreation centers that will leave you in awe. Starting from botanical gardens, Zoos, heritage sites to natural vistas, historical monuments, churches, Bermuda has it all. So when it comes to must see places in Bermuda, the list is huge. Therefore, if you are coming for Bermuda sightseeing, it is necessary that you choose the best places of interest among all. It is actually impossible to visit all the places, even if you plan for a long holiday. First, you can plan for a trip to the beauteous Islands of Bermuda. While you are visiting the Bermuda islands, remember not to miss out the Historic St. Georges that has been designated as a World Heritage Site. Other than this, the Royal Navy Dockyard and the St. David Lighthouse are excellent tourist spots in the island. From the cultural point of view, you can even try your luck with the Gombey Dancing.

The entire island is surrounded by water, which makes it an island full of alluring beaches. Some of the most visited beaches of the island are Shelly Beach, Deep Bay, Tobacco Bay, Devonshire Bay and many more. Bermuda also has various private beaches as well. For instance, the Coral Beach and the Victors Bay are specifically for private use by the Coral Beach Club and the local residents respectively. Being must see places in Bermuda, the beaches are perfect to bask in the sun, play in the sand and enjoy an exciting family vacation.

One of the most exciting must see places of Bermuda is the Bermuda Underground Exploration Institute that aims to bring forward and unravel the mysteries of the sea. It aims to bring to the forefront, the life and the hazards of aquatic livelihood. The chief attraction of the Bermuda Underground Exploration Institute is the Teddy Tucker Ship Rack Gallery that displays the archaeological achievements of Teddy Tucker.

Added to all these, the Bermuda island is distinctively famous for being the home to various rare species of birds. Parks like Astwood Cove and Park, Blue Hole park, Clearwater beach and park, Par-La-Ville Park and many more are perfect picnic spots and must see places in Bermuda. Among other Bermuda tourist spots are forts, churches and caves like Burnt Point Fort, Fort Albert, Fort Cunningham, Cathedral of the Most Holy, St. Peters Church, The Unfinished Church and the Crystal Caves of Bermuda.

Bermuda has a mild and humid subtropical maritime climate. The summer months of April through October have the warmest air and water temperature. It also rains during the summer with the heaviest rainfalls can be experienced between the months of July and September. Summer is also the hurricane season with so many hurricanes can be experienced during the months of August through October. November through March is the winter season in Bermuda with average daytime temperature remains around 70°F.


Air: L.F. Wade International Airport or Bermuda International Airport (BDA) is the only airport in Bermuda, located at St. David’s Island. Flights are available from destinations like Miami, New York, Halifax, London, Newark, Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Orlando, Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimore.

Boat/Yacht: Cruise ships regularly come at Bermuda from different parts of North America during the summer months. You will find ships from places like Baltimore, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Bayonne, Norfolk, Miami, Hamilton, and Saint George.

List of must see places in Bermuda:

  • Baileys Bay
  • Shelly Beach, Deep Bay, Tobacco Bay, and Devonshire Bay
  • Horseshoe Bay Beach
  • Bermuda Underground Exploration Institute
  • Hamilton — the capital of Bermuda
  • Astwood Cove and Park
  • St. George
  • Crystal Caves of Bermuda.
  • Somerset Village
  • St. Peters Church
  • Flatts Village
  • Fort Cunningham
  • Royal Navy Dockyard
  • Burnt Point Fort,
  • The St. David Lighthouse
  • Fort Albert

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