Fast Facts

  • Location: In the Caribbean Sea in two groups, one off the coast of Venezuela, the other East of Puerto Rico in the eastern Caribbean Sea
  • Capital city: Willemstad
  • Language/s: Dutch, English, Papiamento
  • Currency: Netherlands Antillean Guilder
  • Time Zone: UTC — 4
  • ISD Code: 599
  • Best Time to Visit: December to April
  • International Airports: Hato in Willemstad, Princess Juliana International Airport in Philipsburg, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Airport in Statia, and Flamingo in Kralendijk.

Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean Sea about a couple of centuries ago was the main trade center of the Caribbean Islands. Nowadays it is one of the most sought after Caribbean tourist destinations. In addition to unending medieval remnants, Netherlands Antilles is a popular water sport destination. The various must see places in Netherlands Antilles has made it a preferable tourist spot for youngsters, family as well as the oldies. The typical coastal environment of the island is enchanting and leaves an everlasting mark on all tourists. The unprecedented charm of this island with its green forests, yellow beaches, and blue sea is a nice spot for those who want to get rid of the noisy city life. Added to all these the alluring must see places in Netherlands Antilles like Bonaire National Marine Park, Washinton—Slaagbai National Park, Saltpans etc, displays the true pristine beauty and natural wonders of the country.

Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean is made up of two groups of islands: Bonaire and Curacao off the Venezuelan coast, and Saba, Sint Maarten and Sint Eustatius in Far East Caribbean Sea east of Puerto Rico. All these islands that are excellent places to bask in the sun, dive in the azure water and trudge in the awesome wilderness of the national parks have come up as the most sought after Netherlands Antilles tourist spots. Willemstad, the capital city is renowned for its historic sites of Mikve Israel-Emanuel Synagogue, Fort Amsterdam and Floating Market, which are must see places in Netherlands Antilles. The brightly painted Dutch colonial houses in Kralendijk are spectacular. It is a treat to watch fishermen selling their early morning catch in the markets.

Other than just the natural wonders of the place, if you wish for some excitement then indulge in the most exciting water sport activities at the Mullet Pont Bay or Maho Bay beaches. Explore the mystical ruins of the 18th-century buildings in Oranjestad city. Discover the Washington-Slagbaai National Park with its exotic wildlife and enchanting landscape on a horseback or on foot. St. Christoffel National Park is another tempting destination for tourists and is also a must see place in Netherlands Antilles. Curacao Underwater Park allows you to discover the baffling marine flora and fauna of Curacao. If you are still not over with the excitement, visit the various historical monuments of the place. The Fort de Windt, Lynch Plantation Museum, St. Eustatius Historical Foundation Museum and the De Graaff House in St. Eustatius, to peep into the cultural heritage and the rich past history of the Island. Last but not the least, a short trip to the beaches of the St. Eustatius and the attractions of Saba and St. Maarten are unforgettable.

When to Visit Netherlands Antilles
Netherlands Antilles being in the tropical region have balmy weather all through the year, with the months from December to April particularly pleasant for vacationing. The wetter months from June to October can be stormy with heavy rainfall.

Travel to Netherlands Antilles
Hato in Willemstad is an international airport of Netherlands Antilles, the others being Franklin Delano Roosevelt Airport in Statia, Princess Juliana International Airport in Philipsburg and Flamingo in Kralendijk. These airports are connected by flights to the Netherlands, Caribbean and US cities.

List of must see places in Netherlands Antilles:

  • Bonaire National Marine Park
  • Dutch colonial houses in Kralendijk
  • Washinton—Slaagbai National Park
  • St. Christoffel National Park I
  • Saltpans
  • Fort de Windt
  • Mikve Israel-Emanuel Synagogue
  • Lynch Plantation Museum
  • Fort Amsterdam
  • St. Eustatius Historical Foundation Museum
  • Floating Market
  • The De Graaff House in St. Eustatius

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