Fast Facts

  • Location: Located in the La Mosquitia region on the Caribbean coastline in Honduras.
  • Attraction Type: Forest.
  • Significance: A biosphere reserve that has some of the most endangered and unique species of wildlife creatures. It is also the home to over 2,000 indigenous people of the Miskito, Pech tribes and the Garifuna ethnic group.
  • Best time to Visit: February to October.
  • Visiting Hours: During day time.
  • How to Reach: Best way to reach is by air. There is a small airstrip in Palacios. From there, you can reach the forest by boat or on foot.
  • Nearest Airport: Palacios Municipal Airport (PSX)

Home to some of the most endangered and unique wildlife species in the world, Platano Forest is one of the few remains of the tropical rainforest in Central America that has certainly become a paradise for wildlife-lovers throughout the world. Also known as Rí­o Plí¡tano Biosphere Reserve, Platano forest consists of lowland tropical rainforest, mangroves, grassland, patches of pine savannah and also coastal lagoons, and some wonderful serene beaches. And there is hardly any biosphere reserve in the world where one can see the confluence of all these. Therefore, it is no wonder that Rí­o Plí¡tano Biosphere Reserve has managed to craft its name in the heart of the wildlife-lovers.

The 5,200 square km Rí­o Plí¡tano Biosphere Reserve is one of the largest protected areas in Central America, located in the La Mosquitia region on the Caribbean coastline in Honduras. The forest is also the home to over 2,000 indigenous people of the Miskito, Pech tribes and the Garifuna ethnic group who live in the mountainous landscape of the forest sloping down to the Caribbean. Platano Forest experiences a heavy rainfall during the months of November to January. So, apart from these months, one can explore the Rí­o Plí¡tano Biosphere Reserve anytime as they wish.

Things to Do
There is so much to do in Platano Forest. This is the home to some of the unique wildlife creatures like toucans, monkeys, parrots, sea turtles and rare butterflies. Exploring the rich flora and fauna of the biosphere reserve is a treat to any traveler. Seeing the lifestyle of the indigenous residents is also a major attraction in Rí­o Plí¡tano Biosphere Reserve. It offers travelers a unique opportunity to engage in authentic cultural exchange with communities like Belen, Rasta, Brus Laguna, Yamari Savannah Cabanas, Batalla, Plaplaya, Les Marias etc. Go and enjoy various cultural activities like dancing, singing, drumming, storytelling, craft-making etc. La Ruta Moskitia Ecotourism Alliance is an alliance of six indigenous communities that offer ecotourism products and services within the Rí­o Plí¡tano Biosphere Reserve.

If you are among those who love adventure, then you can certainly go for kayaking, swimming, hiking and canoeing. Some may go for archeological sites tours as well. A tip for you: staying on the hospedajes while you are on the coast is a wonderful experience. So, you can try one out there.

The best option of accommodation is to stay with the indigenous people. The La Ruta Moskitia Ecotourism Alliance provides lodging facilities for the tourists. You will be provided with small cabanas with comfortable beds. These sorts of accommodation provide a unique opportunity to be within the culture and heritage of the indigenous people there. For more information, contact the following:

La Ruta Moskitia Ecotourism Alliance
Tel: +504-406-6782

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