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Caves of the World

Caves are natural formations which were used as shelters by early humans. Many of these caves of the world carry evidences of human life in the form of paintings or fossil remains. However, there are certain caves discovered much later by chance or otherwise, which are stupefying. These caves have been places of awe and have been attracting travelers from far and wide. Years of weathering and deposition by natural forces of water and ice have given rise to these spectacular cave formations.

Caves in Asia

The Mulu Caves in Borneo makes up the most extensive cave system with ice cone formations on the walls, boulders in appearance of gilded thrones, and stalactites and stalagmites in shapes of chandeliers and candlesticks respectively. Illuminated by innovative lighting the cave looks hypnotic. Ali Sadr cave in Iran is the largest water cave attracting millions of tourists every year. While rowing for over 10 kilometers inside the cave discover baffling patterns of umbrellas, cauliflowers, and needles formed by deposition of water solutes over thousands or perhaps millions of years. Phong Nha in Vietnam is another remarkable cave formation declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Caves in America

The Fantastic Pit Cave in Georgia is a vertical drop of approximately 585 feet. This pit has been formed because of limestone erosion and ends in a water table. In Kentucky, the Mammoth cave with more than 360 miles of passageway through sandstone and limestone is baffling. The Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota is a stupendous wind cave stretching to nearly 130 miles. Carlsbad Caverns National Park is renowned for its limestone rock ocean fossils dating back to ages even before dinosaurs existed.

The Crystal Cave of Giants in Mexico is remarkable with its outstanding crystals of gypsum measuring up to 50 feet in length and 4 feet in diameter.

Other outstanding caves include Waitoma Glowworm Cave in New Zealand, Majlis al Jinh Cave in Oman, and Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves in Austria.

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