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Culture is what human beings are known for. It is the shared attitudes, customs, values, practices and goals of human beings that characterize a group, an organization or an institution. Culture, which can be developed through education, social learning and symbolic thought, influences the knowledge, thinking, behavior and belief of the human beings in a great way. Cultural sites are the sites that preserve and maintain the human culture. You not only learn about your own culture from these sites, but at the same time also let others to learn more about it.

Types of Cultural Site

Cultural sites can be of several types. In fact, the cultural sites are places that uphold the distinct cultural attributes of that region in particular or mankind in general. It can be a tribal village, which showcases the life and distinct culture of that particular tribe, or it can be a musical site or place that that its own musical essence. It can also be a bookstore has its own culture of education and knowledge. An entertainment center can also be a cultural site that has a culture of various forms of art.

Popular Cultural Sites

There are several popular cultural sites that attract thousands of travelers all over the world. Some of those can be named as South Africa Cultural Villages, Universal Studio in Los Angeles, USA, Las Vegas City Strip, Hollywood, Kennedy Space Center, Fisherman's Wharf, Newport Cliff Walk, The Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, Powell's City of Books in USA, and Zona Cafetera in Colombia.

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