Fast Facts

  • Location: Alpine Road connecting Salzburg and Carinthia in Austria
  • Attraction type: Exotic Drive
  • Significance: Among the most scenic drives in entire Europe
  • Best Time to visit: May to September
  • How to Reach:By road from Salzburg or Carinthia
  • Nearest International Airport:W.A. Mozart Salzburg Airport

Grossglockner High Alpine Road takes you to some of the most enchanting destinations in Austrian Alps. The pyramid shaped Grossglockner mountain peak, its glistening glacier Pasterze, and the captivating Hohe Tauern National Park, all are reached by this engrossing road. With 36 bends over a stretch of 30 miles, driving along this mountainous road at a height of 2504 m is an exhilarating experience.

Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria overlooking pristine alpine meadows, alongside massive cliffs, and through sweetly scented forests is perhaps the most engrossing road in entire Europe. Whether you traverse this road in a car or a motorcycle, the impressions would get etched in your memory forever. This road can either be approached from Carinthia via Heiligenblut, or from Salzburg through Ferleiten.

The history of the road goes back over two thousand years when it was used by the Celts and the Romans as a trade route and for transporting slaves and animals. A statue of Roman Hercules, gold jewelry items of Celtic period, bronze knives belonging to pre-Celtic era, chains of galley slaves, and bridles of pack animals have all being discovered along this historical road. This road through Hoctor was among the three most popular trade routes in the Eastern Alps till 17th century.

Grossglockner Alpine Road is today frequented by almost 900,000 tourists annually. This road is currently a tourism enterprise with six other concerns namely, Gerlos Alpine Road, Villach Alpine Road, Krimml Wonder World of Water, Golden Panorama Road, Nockalm Road, and Grossglockner High Alpine Road. This road is not just a road, but a representation of Austria’s heritage.

Activities along Grossglockner High Alpine Road
This High Alpine Road of Grossglockner is a paradise for motorcyclists. Bikers begin their journey from Bruck on Salzach Bridge. Road indication at every bend makes biking easy and trouble free. Coach services along this picturesque road are arranged by a number of tour companies during peak tourist seasons. For a romantic and royal experience take a drive down this road in a vintage car. The Nockalm Road stretch with its gentle slope is perfect for such a journey.

Restaurants along Grossglockner High Alpine Road
A number of hospitable and elegant restaurants make this journey even more enjoyable. Gasthol Piffkar, Berggasthof Edelweiss Hutte, Restaurant Fuscher Lacke, Dr. Franz Rehrl Haus, and Berggasthof Wallackhaus are some of the notable eateries where you can satisfy your gastronomic demands.

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