Magnificent, uber- photogenic, or stunning, or even awesome. I can always come up with a flurry of adjectives for this city, if you ask me about beauty, tradition or sightseeings. The city often leaves a permanent mark in your mind, owing to its flourishing market places, the coruscating lights of the malls, the plush shops as well as the ethnic tint that veils the entire city. By must see Vienna sites, you may think about many things. You mind hovers on a plethora of locations, may it be artificial fun spots, historical souvenirs or nature’s gift. So — as I did — make sure you make a proper study of the entire city rather than hopping around the city like a novice tourist. While it is true that Vienna is one of the most populated cities in the world, yet it goes without comparing that it is indeed one of the most beautiful one as well, with the highest civic life in the entire European Union. And,while you are on for rambling the must see places in Vienna, sort out a trip plan to include only some of the top sites that best describes the spirit of the city.

A city, basically known for its history, culture, lifestyle and sophistication, is primarily for those who have a in-depth knowledge and love for history or historical sites. For the nature sites, it would obviously be the outskirts or the suburbs you need to check out. The nature lovers may not be much enticed, but this time history is in a different form. While checking out the places and the gardens, you can always enjoy sauntering the gardens and the well-groomed lawns surrounding it. For instance, the Schnbrunn Palace and Garden is a marvelous tourist destination in Vienna to spot the bounteous sculptures and the stretched out Tiergarten that adds to the splendor of the place. Furthermore, the artistic prowess of the palace makes it a worthy shot. Obviously, this Baroque Princely Residence, a UNESCO World Heritage site, deserves to be in your must see Vienna list. Likewise, even the Hofberg Imperial Palace is worth a try.

Other than this, the Kunsthistorisches Museum that can well be considered an artistic emblem and a must see place in Vienna, is resplendent with iconic works of Raphael, Vermeer, Brueghel, Rubens as well as Velzquez. Since, I was more keen to capture the queer aura of the busy streets in Vienna, I had to extensively ramble all throughout the city to get to the right spot that appeals to my photographic sense. After vagabonding all the market places, it was a lucky shot when I landed at the Vienna State Opera House site. Broad streets scattered with tourists and locals, the area looks as picturesque as a fairy town. Adding further ethnicity is the Opera House building that looks stunning for its stature and the exterior artistry. Don’t assume, just walk in and check out the shows conducted. Be on time to get tickets before all a sold out.

Art has always been the primary essence of the city. May it be the plethora of art collections in the museums or the intricate architectural marvels of the palaces, Vienna is right there for you — perfect for a joyride in its glorious past. Walk in Leopold Museum- a must see Vienna sightseeing- to gaze at rare Austrian art and culture, or look for fabulous works of Egon Schiele, Gustav and Oskar Kokoschka. ‘Wonderful’! I would rather put it like this, if you ever pay a visit to Mimok, a storehouse of diverse art that gives tit-bits of almost all European arts starting from Warhol to Picasso and Jasper Hohn to Lichtenstein.

Finally, the statuesque structure of the St. Stephens Cathedral — a Gothic style art — is also a must see place in Vienna for its historical significance,its masterpiece architecture, and the national pride attached to it.

List of must see Vienna:

  • St. Stephens Cathedral
  • Mimok
  • Leopold Museum
  • Kunsthistorisches Museum
  • Vienna State Opera House
  • Schnbrunn Palace and Garden
  • Hofberg Imperial Palace
  • The Rathaus
  • The Botanical garden of University of Vienna
  • Belvedere

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