Fast Facts

  • Location: Central Austria near the Bavarian border
  • Best time to Visit: Between May and October
  • How to reach: The Salzburg W.A. Mozart International Airport is located about 20 minutes from the center of the city. Salzburg’s main train station, the Hauptbahnhof, is centrally located. You will get frequent train services to Salzburg from the cities like Munich, Zurich, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Budapest. Apart from air and rail access, Salzburg is well-connected to the cities of Wien (Vienna) and Munich via the autobahns A8 (Munich – Salzburg) and A1 (Salzburg – Vienna).
  • Nearest Rail Station: Hauptbahnhof
  • Nearest International Airport: Salzburg W.A. Mozart International Airport

Salzburg city in Austria is known throught the world for its awesome and breathtaking beauty and rich cultural tradition. You may have already seen the lush meadows and the dreamy peaks of this Austrian city in the ‘Sound of Music’. But did you know that your favorite dish of Salzburger Nockerl ideally represents the three peaks of Salzburg — Kapuzinerberg, Monchsberg and Gainsberg? It is said that the mountains inspired Salome Alt, the concubine of Wolf Dietrich von Raintenau, the Prince Archbishop of Salzburg to invent this highly popular, and expensive, sweet dish in the 17th century. The great confectionaries, along with its meticulously preserved architecture that bespeak its and rich history are reasons enough to visit this place, at least once in your lifetime. Salzburg, Austria, the 4th largest city in Austria and the capital of the federal state of Salzburg. The “Old Town” of Salzburg with its famous baroque architecture is one of the best-preserved city centers and was announced a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. Salzburg, known as the ‘Rome of the North’ because of its several churches, is famous for the festivals with dramas, operas and Mozart’s opus. Salzburg is famous for its rich cultural tradition. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the city’s most famous personality, represents the highest point of the classical musical tradition in the Western world. Throughout the year the city draws thousands of art and culture lovers from all over the world. Salzburg has also organized the world famous Salzburg Festival in the months of July and August, with a number of operas, concerts and theater plays in diverse locations throughout the city.

What to see
Salzburg is packed with numerous attractions: ancient churches, gorgeous mansions, fascinating fountains and well-known museums. Some of the most notable sites in Salzburg include:

  • Getreidegasse: It, also known as Grain Lane, is the most fashionable and busy shopping hubs of the city.

    Hellbrunn Palace: Built between 1613 and 1615, it is an architectural jewel on the southern border of the city of Salzburg. Hellbrunn’s Festival hall and Octagon with beautiful wall and ceiling frescoes, the mechanical theater and the “stone theater” and dancing fountains are most treasured attractions of Salzburg.
  • Mirabell Palace and Gardens: The Baroque masterpiece of the Mirabell Palace is the property of Salzburg since 1866. You have not seen the Mozartstadt until you have gone for a stroll along the gardens of Mirabell Palace.
  • Mozart’s Birthplace: It is the house where W.A. Mozart lived from 1773 – 1780. The rooms which were previously occupied by the Mozart family on the 1st floor were turned into a museum, exhibiting the history of the building and the life of the Mozart family in this house.
  • Residenz Castle: Along with the Hohensalzburg Fortress and the Salzburger Dom, the Baroque palace of Residenz is the most significant historic buildings of Salzburg. It was the official residence of the Prince Archbishops of Salzburg until it became part of Austria.
  • Salzburg Castle (Festung Hohensalzburg): Offering majestic views over the valley, Salzburg Castle is one of the biggest castles of Europe.
  • Salzburger Dom: Opened in 1628 and dedicated to Saint Rupert, the Barquo cathedral has proved to be one of Salzburg’s top attractions. The site is also famous for Mozart’s baptism.
  • St. Peter’s Monastery and Cemetery: Established in 696, this Benedictine monastery is believed to be the oldest north of the Alps.
  • St. Sebastian Church and Cemetery: Following the Linzergasse Alley stands the St. Sebastian Church where you will find the Mozart family tomb as well as the Mausoleum of Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau.

There are several opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities like cycling, golf, hiking, skiing in Salzburg.

Salzburg’s Old Town, with numerous shops and boutiques, offers a unique shopping experience. You will find a variety of products like jewelry, handicrafts, designer wear, books, music and souvenirs in the markets.

Eating out
Salzburg is famous in Europe for having the finest restaurants. The cuisine of Salzburg is a perfect combination of flavors from Bavarian and Austrian, and they do not just include Salzburg Nockerl and Kaiserschmarrn. There are numerous dining outlets scattered all over the city. The city is also the home to a multitude of elegant cafíés serving delicious pastries, tea and coffee.

You will enjoy a hearty, medieval meal in the midst of an old vaulted cellar or be pampered in a refined city restaurant with a majestic view of the Salzach River or the Fortress. Some of the most popular eateries in Salzburg include Coco Lezzone, Ristorante-Bar Salute, Pan e Vin, Trattoria Da Pippo, Restaurant Yuen.

You will also enjoy the bustling nightlife of the city and it would be incomplete without a visit to the bars, nightclubs, casinos and live music venues. Salzburg is known for its beer as it is part of the Germany’s “Beer Belt”.

Where to stay
The city of Salzburg offers a wide choice of accommodation, starting from the budget and economy type hotels up to luxury hotels and resorts. Some of the popular places to reside at Salzburg are Atel Hotel Lasserhof, Haus Garden Hotel Hochfilzer Gmbh, Hofwirt Hotel, Crowne Plaza The Pitter Hotel, Doktorwirt Hotel, NH Carlton Salzburg, Goldener Hirsch Hotel, Sacher Hotel Osterreichischer Hof, Sheraton Hotel.

Be it the dreaming spire, green hills or romantic gardens, the city of Salzburg is loved by millions of visitors from all over the world. Salzburg with a combination of its magnificent past and lively present is one of those dream destinations that absorbs your thoughts and memory long after your visit has ended.

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