Fast Facts

  • Location: Flemish region of Belgium
  • Best time to Visit: Late Spring or Early Fall
  • How to reach: Bruges is served by Brussels National Airport, the main airport of the city. Frequent trains arrive every hour or so from Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and from the North Sea resort of Ostend (Oostende) and the ferry port of Zeebrugge.

    The Bruges bus station connects the rail station. You may also reach Bruges by car. Bruges is 92 kilometers northwest of Brussels and 51 kilometers northwest of Ghent on A10/E40; 102 kilometers west of Antwerp on A14/E17 and A10/E40, d 30 kilometers southeast of Ostend on A10/E40 and 16 kilometers south of the ferry port Zeebrugge on N31 and N371.
  • Nearest International Airport: Brussels National Airport
  • Nearest railway station: Brugge Railway Station

When touring Bruges, make sure that you taste beer, the most popular drink and do not forget shopping for exclusive chocolates that Bruges is well-known for. The historic center of Bruges is a marvelous example of a medieval settlement and the marvel of Bruges is a result of its diverse history and rich cultural heritage. As one of the chief commercial and cultural capitals of Europe, the city of Brugge built up cultural links to different parts of the world.

What to see
What makes Bruges a popular destination in Europe is the fact that it is virtually untouched by time and the fascinating city is visited by a huge number of travelers throughout the year. Historic center of Bruges is famous for its cathedrals and churches, built in traditional architectural style. Some of them are Our Lady’s Church, The Chapel of the Holy Blood, The Jerusalem Church and The Saint Salvator Cathedral.

  • Magical museums

    Bruges is home to several museums that tourists must explore. Rather than buying different tickets for different museums, you may buy a combined ticket to visit the 6 main museums of the city, namely Arentshuis, Gruuthuse, Archeological Museum, Town Hall Gothic Chamber, Groeninge and Stadhuise. 
  • What to do

    Apart from sightseeing, there are plenty of other things to do in Bruges. You may enjoy a fascinating carriage ride or take a stroll along the ramparts which surround the city. Flanders has a lot to offer the travelers looking for outdoor activities. They will enjoy walking, cycling, golfing and many more. Apart from them, they will enjoy the scenic charms of Bruges, Mechelen, Ghent or Leuven from a boat sailing along the picturesque canals or the river cruises that take them from one charming Flemish harbor to another. They may also explore the pristine white sand that surround the Flemish Coast and enjoy the activities like kite surfing and sand yachting. Shopping is also a major pastime for the travelers in Bruges. Brugge, with a wide variety of shops within reach of everyone’s budget, is one of the most appealing shopping cities in West Flanders.

    Dine and wine
    Belgium is an ideal foodie’s paradise and Bruges has always been an innovator on gastronomic matters. The previously Burgundy noblesse is still identifiable in the kitchen princes and princesses, wielding the ladle in one of the many gourmet kitchens.

    The nightlife in Bruges is dynamic and it would be incomplete without a visit to the bars and nightclubs that are scattered all over the city. Around every corner, you will find an inviting bar luring you to indulge in the exclusive Belgian beers.

    Where to stay
    Starting from the budget and economy type hotels and hostels up to luxury hotels and resorts, Bruges offers all kinds of accommodation to suit every budget, mood and taste.

    With its narrow alleys, cozy parks and beautiful gardens, Bruges, the ‘Venice of the North’, has several assets. It is such a place where you will love to come back to and where you will explore something new during each and every visit.

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