Fast Facts

  • Location: Herzegovina in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Attraction Type: Cultural
  • Best Time to Visit: All over the year
  • How to Reach: Mostar is easily accessible from various parts of Bosnia. Road transport is well developed and links the city with various parts of the country.
  • Nearest International Airport: Mostar International Airport

The Old Bridge Area, Mostar, also known as Stari Most in the local dialect is one of the well known tourist attractions in the city of Mostar. It was built on the Neretva River and links the town parts of the city. The bridge dates back to the 16th century. Plenty of tourists from all over the world come to this bridge to get a feel of the rich tradition and culture of the city.

The arch of the bridge was made with a local stone which is known as tenelija. The shape of the arch has irregularities as it was built and rebuilt a number of times. The start of the arch is emphasized by a molding which measures around 0.32 meters.


It is a tradition for the young men of Mostar to leap from the bridge into the Neretva River. It takes a lot of skill to dive into the river as it is very cold. Thousands of people flock on the bridge to see this spectacular feat.

Things to do

You can enjoy a stroll on this historic bridge and get a feel of the rich tradition. Walking through the lanes and by-lanes of the Old Bridge Area in Mostar gives you an insight into the rich tradition and culture of the place.

Accommodation and Dining in Mostar

There are number of hotels in and around the Old Bridge Area where you can stay. These hotels offer pleasant lodging facilities and services at reasonable rates. They can also be easily reached. Some of the most popular hotels in Mostar are Kriva Cuprija Motel, Hotel Bevanda and Hotel Ero.

You can visit the local restaurants and dining hubs and have a taste of mouth watering local, Bosnian and East European delicacies. The local bars serve a wide range of refreshing drinks and beverages.

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The Old Bridge is a hump-backed bridge and is around 98 feet in length and 13 feet in width. It rises up to a height of around 78 feet. The bridge consists of two towers which protect the bridge on the northeast and the southwest. They are known as “the bridge keepers”. The tower in the northeast is known as the Helebija tower while the tower in the southwest is known as the Tara Tower.

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