Fast Facts

  • Location: Southeastern Europe.
  • Capital: Sofia.
  • Currency: lev (BGN).
  • Language: Bulgarian.
  • Best time to Visit: April to Mid June.
  • Time Zone: UTC+2.
  • Calling Code: +359
  • Major Airports: Sofia International Airport (SOF), Varna International Airport (VAR), Bourgas International Airport (BOJ) and Plovdiv International Airport (PDV).

Bulgaria, officially known as the Republic of Bulgaria, is a country in southeastern Europe, located in the Balkans on the western side of the Black Sea. Surrounded by Greece and Turkey to the south, Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia to the west and Romania to the north, you must see Bulgaria to capture the picturesque sightseeings in the Roman provinces of Moesia, Macedonia and Thrace. What makes this country a prominent tourist spot is the presence of vast natural resources spread across wide pastures of land. With the renowned Black Sea Coast, the blue water of the sea and small towns and villages located at hilltop, the must see places in Bulgaria are excellent destinations for those with an eye for beauty. The pulsating lifestyle of the cities with glittering lights and vibrant nightlife, make the country further appealing for visitors.

You will gradually start getting the typical Bulgarian vibe from the capital city Sofia. Though a visit to Sofia will not expose everything about this wondrous country, yet the posh lifestyle, the tall buildings and the plush markets make the city a must see Bulgaria site. Tarry in this marvelous city if you are planning to travel to other parts of the country. Before departing, don’t forget to feast your eyes with the fauna of the Sophia Zoo, a noted tourist destination in Bulgaria. The Zoo harbors as many as 1113 animals, which also comprise of a vast number of endangered species. Varieties of fishes as well as birds also form major attractions of the Zoo.

The subtle pervasiveness of nature in Bulgaria is heart touching. If the enrapturing natural vistas of Blagoevgrad in the southwest corner of the country or the calm towns and villages are awe-striking then the aesthetic beauty and amazements of the caves of Bulgaria will hypnotized you. This is what is appealing about the must see places in Bulgaria. The region is located between three mountains named Ehodipes, Pirin and Rila. Adding further beauty are the Bistritsa, Struma, Glazena and Mestro rivers that meanders amidst the mountain corners. With maximum scope for photography, the place is like a paradise amongst rugged terrains. The flora of the sprawling forests of the Pirin National Park is near and is an ultimate place for nature-lovers. The place is also a major economic as well as cultural center of the country.

If you are tired with the vibrant city life, then visit the Mihalkovo village, a must see Bulgaria sightseeing that depicts the quintessential Bulgarian countryside. Situated on the South-Central part of the country, the vivid beauty of the village is enhanced by the Vucah River that flows past Mihalkovo. This mountainous village looks further picturesque with the green woods of the forests. Housing trees like spruce, pine, beech, and many more the verdure of these forests create the picture perfect environment to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty. Making the country a further destined place for nature lovers is the calmness of the Velingrad town situated on the western corner of Chepino valley. The sublime beauty and the curious pathways of the caves in Bulgaria is something you will never want to miss. Cave Ledenika, Cave Bacho Kiro, Cave Snezhanka, Cave Magura and Cave Janova Dupka are some of the eminent caves you can explore before you end your trip. The astonishing Mineral springs and the Bulgarian Spa resorts are also important destinations that you will always want to visit if you are really keen to unravel every natural gift of the country.

Bulgaria experiences temperate climate with hot summers and cold winters. The summers are rainy at the first half and dry at the second half. Winters may have considerable amount of snowfall. The climate of the Black Sea coast is milder than the rest of the country. Violent local storms and strong winds are quite common in this part during the winter.


Air: There are four international airports in Bulgaria located at Sofia, Varna, Bourgas and Plovdiv. Flights are available from many European countries including Germany and Great Britain. You can get direct flights to Bulgaria from destinations like London, Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Brussels, Valencia and Dortmund.

Train: Bulgaria has a good rail network. International trains are available to Bulgaria from various destinations like Istanbul, Vienna, Keiv and some other cities. You can also travel to various destinations within the country by train.

Bus: Bus services are also available from Sofia to most of the major cities in Europe.

List of must see places in Bulgaria:

  • Blagoevgrad
  • Velingrad
  • Mihalkovo, Bulgaria
  • Devin, Bulgaria
  • Bulgaria Caves
  • Bulgaria Spa Resorts
  • Mineral Springs of Bulgaria
  • Sofia Zoo
  • Moesia
  • Macedonia
  • Thrace

Must See Places in Bulgaria

Nesebar Bachkovo Monastery
Rila Monastery
Ledenika Cave

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