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Places to visit in Czech Republic

Czech Republic Map

Map of Czech Republic
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Places to visit in Czech Republic

Fast Facts

  • Location: Europe
  • Capital: Prague
  • Currency: Euro
  • Language: Czech and some other regional languages.
  • Best time to Visit: March to October
  • Time Zone: CET
  • Calling Code: +4204
  • Major Airports: Ruzyne International Airport

Czech Republic has a history of political and cultural prominence that go back to the Middle Ages and beyond. Prague, the capital city and a must see Czech city, was the center of Renaissance studies and Humanist culture for centuries. A landlocked country, bordered by Poland in the northeast, Austria to the south, Germany to the west and Slovakia to the east, the must see places in Czech include beautiful natural resources and historical edifices that are worthy to be captured in your camera.

For an interesting trip to this country or to discover the secrets of its historic culture, visit Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. The country is dotted with various tourist spots, which make it almost impossible for any traveler to visit all the must see places in Czech. In spite of being a small country, Czech Republic is well known for its architectural marvels as well as the natural sightseeings. Your visit to this enchanting land with both history and blessings from nature will bring forth the wondrous charm and aura of a typical Eurasian country. Manely, Moravia, Bohemia and Silesia are major regions in the country which have excellent Czech sightseeing options.

The impeccable art of the Prague castle will remind you of the ancient history of the country and will also enlighten you about the artistic knack of the adroit craftsmen of that time. The voluminous and unique proportions of the castle has earned it a place in the Guinness Book of World record and is also a must see Czech destination. Other than the majestic Castle, you can also view the St. Vitus Cathedral and other smaller castles nearby. The city itself has a typical traditionalism and an ethnic touch owing to the historical buildings. For instance, the architectural remnants in The Old Town will take you closer to the culture and tradition of the country. One of the most noted monument in the city is the Astronomical Clock or the Orloj, which is spellbinding for its size and masterpiece construction. What makes Prague, a notable tourist destination in Czech is the presence of Prague Golum or Josefov, which is a Jewish Ghetto that houses the ancient synagogues and the Jewish cemeteries. Take a day or two to visit The New Town of Prague to behold the sparking city life. Unlike other cities, Prague is unique for its charismatic market places, glittering shopping complexes as well as the ethnic national museums.

To further get awed by the wondrous history of the country, visit the the Spilberk castle and the City Center of Brno, to get a glimpse of the Autro-Hungarian Empire Era. Being Every art-lovers destination, the Cesky Krumlov State castle and Chateau is an ideal must see Czech tourist site for those who wish to know more about the history of the country. The Namestic Svobody is the perfect place to be a part of the cultural programs of the nation. For the shop-alcoholics, the Vankovka Gallery will invite you to an exciting shopping experience. Taking a break for the sparkling city lights, you can even take an leisurely evening walk on the quaint pathways of the the Lesser Town and enjoy the historical monuments and churches. The unique semblance of the St. Nicholas Church will arouse your spiritual instincts. The Charles Bridge is yet another tourist spot situated in Vltava that imparts the typical 14th century architectural mastery.


The climate of Czech Republic is mostly temperate continental. The summer months are hot and humid while the winter months are cold with frequent snowfall. Due to the landlocked locale of the country, the difference of temperature between the summer and winter months are relatively high.


Air: The capital city of Prague is a major air hub in Europe. The main airport is the Ruzyne International Airport. It handles around 12.4 million passengers and is linked with various places across the world. In addition to these, there also other airports which operate a number of domestic and international flights.

Rail: The main railway operator in the country is Ceske drahy. It carries around 180 million passengers annually. The cargo division of the railway network, named CD Cargo is the fifth largest railway cargo operator in the European Union.

Road:Road transport is also well developed in the country. The highways and roads link almost all parts of the country with each other. Regular buses, cars and other forms of transport vehicles are available.

List of must see places in Czech:

  • Prague
  • Prague castle
  • The Old Town of Prague
  • Josefov in Prague
  • Spilberk castle
  • City Center of Brno
  • Cesky Krumlov State Castle and Chateau
  • Namestic Svobody
  • Vankovka Gallery
  • Lesser Town
  • Charles Bridge in Vltava
  • The New Town of Prague




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