Fast Facts

  • Location:1051 Budapest Víöríösmarty tíér 7-8, Hungary
  • Attraction Type: Café
  • Significance: One of the most famous coffeehouses in Europe.
  • Best time to visit: Throughout the year.
  • How to Reach: The best way to reach Budapest is through the air. Take a car to reach Café Gerbeaud.
  • Nearest Airport: Budapest International Airport

It is one of the most traditional as well as the most famous coffeehouses in Europe. And nothing can be more thrilling than spending a few hours with a cup of coffee in an awesome atmosphere with your friends or with someone special. Cafíé Gerbeaud is known to the whole world for its remarkable environment as well as rich culture and tradition. It still has got Grí¼nderzeit style with its stucco, the grand chandeliers that add some more color to its grand atmosphere, the wooden paneling, and some exotic furniture. Believe it or not, your rendezvous with a cup of coffee at Cafíé Gerbeaud is an awe-inspiring experience.

Located at Víöríösmarty tíér 7 in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, Café Gerbeaud is a must-visit destination for all the travelers who are visiting Hungary, especially the Budapest. It was Henrik Kugler who established Café Gerbeaud in 1858. Later, Emil Gerbeaud expanded it further. By 1990, Café Gerbeaud already became world-famous.

Inside the Café Gerbeaud

Not only coffee, but Café Gerbeaud is also known throughout the world for delicious cakes like Esterhí¡zy and Dobos cakes. All sorts of cream cakes, baker goods as well as ice-creams are also available. Café Gerbeaud can accommodate up to 330 guests. You can enjoy your snacks over there and chat with your friends. You can also find people whiling away their time by reading newspapers, thinking, people-watching, etc. There is another room on the terrace of the cafíé, which can accommodate 300 more guests. This room remains open only on the warm days.


1051 Budapest Víöríösmarty tíér 7-8.
P.O.BOX: 1364 Budapest Pf. 211.
Tel: +36-1/429-9000
Fax: +36-1/429-9009

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