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Karlstejn Castle

Fast Facts

  • Location: 18 miles south west of Prague, the capital of Czech Republic
  • Attraction type: Historic Castle
  • Significance: This Disney like castle is used as an architectural model
  • Best Time to Visit: May to October
  • Visiting Hours: Mar — 9am to 3pm except Monday; Apr — 9am to 4 pm except Monday May & Jun — 9am to 5pm except Monday; Jul & Aug — 9am to 6pm except Monday; Sept — 9am to 4pm except Monday Oct — 9am to 4pm except Monday From Nov to Feb check visiting dates
  • How to Reach: By train to Karstejn Station from Prague
  • Nearest International Airport: Prague Ruzyne Airport
Karlstejn Castle in all probabilities is the second most popular tourist destination of Czech Republic. Nestled on a hilltop surrounded by vineyards and vibrant woods, Karlstejn Castle in Prague has an irresistible romantic appeal. This medieval castle of Disney like appearance is a marvelous representation of neo-Gothic architecture.

Located about 18 miles south west of Prague, this medieval castle was built by Czech King Charles IV for protecting and safekeeping of the coronation jewels and royal treasures of the Roman Empire. Founded in 1348 its construction was completed in 1365. King Charles IV first visited this castle in 1355 to oversee the construction of the chapels. In 1365 the Holy Cross Chapel located inside the Great Tower was consecrated with which the castle was officially opened. Constructed in late Gothic style and later in Renaissance architecture, it was ultimately reconstructed in neo-Gothic form under guidance of master architect Josef Mocker. The Great Tower stands at an imposing 60m.

Visiting Karlstijn Castle

Take a magnificent view of this castle from a distance which appears like a fairytale landscape. Then trek to this hilltop castle for about half an hour enjoying the enchanting view on all sides as you move up. It would take you a couple of hours to explore the castle interiors thoroughly. The first thing that attracts your attention is the amazing faí§ade which is imitated by architects from all over the world.

Inside the castle visit the Imperial Palace, the Royal bedroom, Audience Hall, Hall of Knights, Chapel of St. Nicholas, and the Holy Rood Chapel renowned for its walls inlaid with 2000 gems and precious stones. The Church of Our Lady, the Chapel of St. Catherine with Karel IV's private oratory and the library are the other important areas of exploration. A collection of nearly 130 paintings by Master Theodoric in the panels of Holy Cross Church represents the largest portrait gallery in entire Czech Republic. Original wall paintings belonging to the 14th century are remarkable exhibits.

Staying and Dining while visiting Karlstejn Castle

For touring Karlstejn Castle it is advisable to stay in Prague. Accommodation in Prague could vary from plush deluxe hotels to economy apartments, and the choice entirely remains with you. Among the plush 5 star hotels you might choose from Grand Hotel Praha, Hotel Iron Gate, Hotel Ambassador and Hotel Golden Gate. For a 4-star accommodation you might select from Hotel Novotel, Hotel Tulip Inn, Hotel Maria, or Hotel Yasmin. If you prefer to stay in a 3-star rated hotel, choose among Express Holiday Inn, Apartments Vodickova, Hotel Campa Garden, or Hotel Barley.

Gourmets will not have the slightest excuse of disappointment with the food varieties and quality in Prague. Bellevue is a multi-cuisine restaurant renowned for its ambiance and exquisite food. For International cuisine Hergetova Cihelna and Vinarna V Zatisi restaurants are famous. For Italian food lovers Kogo and Zahrada c Opere are the best bets. If you crave for Continental fare, La Degustation is the best place to be in. Kampa Park also offers delectable Continental recipes. For delicious seafood, try out the items in Rybitrh and Reykjavik restaurants. Le Bistrot de Marlene and Le Cafíé Colonial are notable French food eateries. Vegetarians can gorge themselves at Radost FX Cafíé.

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