Fast Facts

  • Location: Location: In Southern Bohemia in the Czech Republic
  • Attraction Type: Historic town
  • Significance: A UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Best Time to Visit: May to September
  • How to Reach: By bus from Prague; alternatively by train from Prague
  • Nearest International Airport: Prague International Airport

Cesky Krumlov in Southern Bohemia is a virtual gem in historical architecture in the Czech Republic. Derived from a German term ‘Krumau’, meaning ‘a crooked meadow’, this town has inherited a unique culture with strong influences of German, Austrian, and Czech traditions. Its red-roofed buildings in Baroque and Renaissance architecture, many belonging to the medieval years, create an old-world charm of warmth and tranquility. The Vitava River, winding its way through this town, adds to the charm of this historic place. The wonderful sight of these well maintained medieval buildings has prompted Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cesky Krumlov rose into prominence during the early 14th century when it was under the possession of the Rozenberg family. Trade and commerce flourished and new constructions in remarkable Renaissance or Baroque styles came up. In 1555, Vilem of Rozmberg joined the Old Town with the Latran quarter. In the early 17th century, Cesky Krumlov was sold to Emperor Rudolph II and thereafter to Eggenberk family and Schwarzenberks in succession.

Cesky Krumlov Activities

In this medieval town, Cesky Krumlov State Castle and Chateau is the most imposing structure, with a Castle Baroque Theater, cellars, and restaurants. A picnic for at least a couple of hours is the best way to explore the castle premises. After crossing the Bear Moat, you enter the castle and then after climbing a steep staircase reach the top of a watchtower. From here, you get a magnificent all-round view of the entire town with the serpentine River Vitava winding its course through it. After finishing your Castle Tower visit, cross over the ’Cloaked Bridge’ to head for Castle Baroque Theater. In the end, make your way through the castle gardens for lunch at Marketa, a medieval-style restaurant.

At the Egon Schiele Centrum, explore the paintings of this renowned Czech artist along with the works of other contemporary and present generation artists.

In case you love outdoor activities, rafting along Vitava River is a tempting sport. A horse ride through meadows and woods on the outskirts of Cesky Krumlov is very inspiring and refreshing.

Hotels and Restaurants in Cesky Krumlov

On a vacation in Cesky Krumlov, you may choose between hostels, apartments, and camps. Among the hostels, Hostel Merlin, Hostel Skippy, Travellers’ Hostels, and Hotel Skippy are notable. This medieval town in Czech Republic has some of the finest eateries in that country. Nonna Gina is a specialty Italian restaurant serving pizzas, homemade ‘tiramisu’, and salads. U Dvau Maryi, with its ethnic ambiance, serves exotic Czech recipes prepared from fresh ingredients.

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