Fast Facts

  • Location: Middle of Aero Island, South of Funen, Denmark
  • Attraction Type: Historic City
  • Significance: Medieval and Early Modern Buildings and Road, Marina, Historic Ambience
  • Best Time to visit: During summer.
  • How to Reach: The best way to reach Aeroskobing is to a ferry from Svendborg. You can take a train from Helsingor to Nyborg, and travel by bus from Nyborg to Svendborg.
  • Nearest International Airport: Copenhagen International Airport

If you really want to enjoy the sights and sounds around Aeroskobing, rent a bike and head for an Aero Island tour on your own. This 10-mile biking trail will give you an experience that is quite unmatched in your entire tour. Great views of the Danish countryside, beautiful beaches, small villages that maintain a charm that is still truly medieval, churches that date to as back as the 13th century, and quaint windmills — Aeroskobing has a lot in store for you. Visiting Aeroskobing is like traveling back in time, and this biking tour will only heighten the experience.

History of Aeroskobing

Aeroskobing has been a peaceful small town right from its earliest times in the 12th century. It was then a center for commercial trade. All was well till 1629 when a fire struck and destroyed large sections of the city. When it was rebuilt, it was found to be transformed. The old houses were not only rebuilt in the new renaissance style, but there were also larger new buildings as well. These are the buildings that continue to exist, some of them as old as 1625. Aeroskobing presents one of the oldest continuous building and architectural culture zones of the world.

Things to see in Aeroskobing

It is difficult to point out individual places to see in Aeroskobing. Being in the place is an attraction in itself. The flavor of the Middle Ages is dutifully maintained in the streets as well as in the houses, most of which are single-storied. A ban on building new houses has helped the town in maintaining to a great degree, its old-world charm, very difficult to find elsewhere.

The houses betray a great degree of skill from the bricklayers, blacksmiths and the woodcarvers of the region. The town is active, and the houses have been inhabited for centuries by generations belonging to the same family. In front of many houses, you can find local crafts laid out for sale. You will surely love to collect some of them in the form of souvenirs.

One of the biggest attractions is the Aeroskobing Church in the market square, as well as the two old town pumps. They were in action and supplied water to the town till 1952. One of the oldest buildings is the Prior’s House. It dates back to 1690, although being renovated later on by Alexis Prior in the early part of the twentieth century. Other major houses that are under preservation and date back to early times include Denmark’s oldest post office, the Koobinghus, Hammerich’s house for its wonderful vintage furniture and glazed tiles and Hans Billedhigger’s House. Hammerich’s House, as the name implies, was the former residence of the noted sculpture Hammerich, and is now turned into a museum.

You cannot leave Aeroskobing without visiting the cute and beautiful marina. The beach houses are smaller in size than you will find in other areas, and face the sunset point directly. Take a small walk to the historic harbor. You can also visit the cookhouse, which was built way back in 1810.

Where to stay in Aeroskobing

There are a few small but very beautiful accommodation establishments in Aeroskobing. They include rented apartments, hotels, hostels as well as pensioner’s homes. Some of the popular hotels in the Aeroskobing region are Hotel aero hubs and aero Marina, Dunkaer Kro, Vindeballe dro, Del Lille Hotel, and Den Gronne Gren. Get your booking early and embark on the most fascinating historical trips of your life.

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