Fast Facts

  • Location: Located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Norwegian Sea, northwest of Scotland and in between Iceland and Norway.
  • Attraction Type: Islands.
  • Significance: The amazing panorama with steep mountains and thousands of sea birds are what the Faroe Islands are known for.
  • Best time to Visit: Early July to late August.
  • Visiting Hours: During the daytime.
  • How to Reach: Ví¡gar Airport is the only airport in the Faroe Islands. You can also reach by boat from Hanstholm in Denmark, Norway, Scotland, and Iceland.
  • Nearest Airport: Ví¡gar Airport (FAE).

A few days of holidays adrift in the gorgeous blues of the North Atlantic, a few memorable moments inside the multicolored cottages and grass-roofed wooden churches, a rendezvous with the pyrotechnically unpredictable weather — Faroe Islands can easily be said to be a dream destination for the travelers, irrespective of their nationalities. The amazing panorama with steep mountains and thousands of sea birds is what the Faroe Islands are known for. It is a perfect destination to throw oneself in, especially if you want to enjoy your time in mellow.

A group of 18 islands located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Norwegian Sea, Faroe Islands, also known as Faeroe Islands or Faeroes, are a self-governing island territory of Denmark. Full of natural beauties, you can enjoy the Faroe Islands in your own way. No matter whether you are a fell-walker, or one who loves to watch the vast blue sea and sea birds — Faroe Islands has a lot in store for you.

Things to Do

There is a lot to explore in the Faroe Islands. Be it the vast blue sea and thousands of sea birds, or the wonderful museums and other destinations, you will get amazed with its every attraction.

Sea and Sea Birds: The biggest attraction of Faroe Islands is its panoramic beauty, blue sea and most importantly, the sea birds. You can see the world’s largest colony of Storm-Petrel on the island of Nólsoy. Also, go for bird-cliffs by Vestmanna.

Galleries: Though there are several galleries in Faroe Islands, you cannot possibly afford to miss the National Art Gallery. It remains open during the summer from Tuesday through Friday between 11 a.m. & 4 p.m. and between 2 p.m. & 5 p.m. on the weekends. During winter, it remains open from Tuesday through Sunday between 2 p.m. & 4 p.m. There are also a number of other galleries that you should visit as well.

Museums: Faroe Islands are also the land of several museums. You can visit the museums like Fí¸roya Fornminnissavn, Naturhistorisk, Roykstovan, Brunn Museum and many more.

Other Activities: You can also explore Faroe Island in several other ways like going for fishing, hiking, horseback riding, boating, etc.


One can find a number of hotels in the Faroe Islands. Some of them can be listed as below:

Hotel Fí¸royar
vií° Oyggjarvegin
P.O.Box 3303
FO-110 Tórshavn
tel. +298 31 75 00
fax +298 31 75 01

Hotel Streym
Yviri vií° Strond 19
FO-110 Tórshavn
tel. +298 35 55 00
fax +298 35 55 01

Hotel Runaví­k, Sjómansheimií°
Heií°avegur 6
P.O.Box 94
FO-620 Runaví­k
tel. +298 44 74 20
fax +298 44 88 80

Hotel Klaksví­kar Sjómansheim
Ví­karvegur 59
P.O.Box 59
FO-700 Klaksví­k
tel. +298 45 53 33
fax +298 45 72 33

Hotel í˜raví­k
FO-827 í˜raví­k
tel. +298 37 13 02
fax +298 37 20 57

El Badawiya Hotel
Gamal Abdel Nasser St.
New Valley
Farafra 12311, Egypt 

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