Fast Facts

  • Location: At Helsingor, on the edge of Baltic Sea right next to a small strait separating Sweden and Denmark
  • Attraction Type: Castle
  • Significance: The legendary Elsinore, the castle of Hamlet.
  • Best time to Visit: Summer
  • Visiting Hours: 10:30 to 17:00 from May 1 to September 30( all days), 11:00 to 16:00, October 1 to October 31(all days except Monday), 11:00 to 15:00, November 1 to March 31 (all days except Monday), 11:00 to 16:00, April 1 to April 30 ( all days except Monday)
  • How to Reach: Train services to Helsignor are present. Trains require about one hour to reach if you start from Copenhagen. It is also connected by roads. The nearest airport is Copenhagen
  • Nearest Airport: Copenhagen International Airport

Kronborg Castle is a legendary castle of Elsinore of Hamlet’s fame. It is a place where history and fiction meet breathtaking views. Situated on a piece of land bordering a small stretch of sea separating Sweden and Denmark, the castle has been a point of levying taxes for centuries. Some form of settlement towards precisely this activity has been in existence since the 15th century. A castle was built by Frederick II in the 16th century and it has been renovated many times since. The castle was a prison at one time and it still houses a garrison of soldiers. Named a UNESCO Heritage site in 2000 it sits like a jewel on the edge of the Baltic Sea. The castle has been immortalized in literature as being the home of Hamlet on whom William Shakespeare wrote his famous tragedy.

Things to Do

  • The castle itself is a thing to behold. This is a fortress with ramparts all around to stave off invasions. The architecture is distinctly Renaissance in style. Once inside the castle, be sure to have a look at the interiors. They were supposedly much more impressive, but the present condition is not much to scoff at either. The statue of Ogier the Dane is another attraction. This is a legendary figure featured in the tales of Charlemagne. His statue sits sleeping. Legend has it that he will wake up when Denmark is in great danger and save the land. The cannons which have exquisite work on them will also catch your eye.
  • The Danish Commercial and Maritime Museum is housed within the Castle. The museum showcases the history of Danish maritime trade during the Colonial period.

Other Activities:

If you would like to look at other attractions around the castle, be sure to sign yourself up for a walking tour. Some of the places to see are

  • Axeltorv. This is the center of Helsingor, the town. This is a shopping area with an antique market.
  • The Helsingor Municipal Museum. It houses historical documents, a map of the city from the 19th century and a doll collection.
  • St. Mary Church
  • St.Olaf’s Church
  • Radhus —The Townhall of the Helsingor town.


It is possible to stay in Kronborg castle and be King and Queen for the day. The innards of the castle have been revamped to give you a royal feel. This arrangement has been made through Hotel Marienlyst. Other popular hotels include

1.Hotel Skandia

Bramstrí¦de 1, Helsingí¸r

2. Helsingborg Tornet

Bergaliden 21, 252 23 Helsingborg

3. Elite Hotel Marina Plaza

Kungstorget 6, 252 24 Helsingborg

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