10: 30 P.M. at night. That was the time I landed in Copenhagen — almost lost amidst the crowd of the airport. The trip was much by chance, and hence — no prior preparations, which obviously include, hotel booking, researching on the must-see Copenhagen sites or even managing finances – were not done. Henceforth, there I stood – all alone — nervous and tired after a pretty long flight journey. Half asleep with the effect of the jet-lag — the airport scene seemed to gradually blur out until a low hum of a cab driver arose me from the dream. ‘O God’, I exclaimed — as if a Danish angel has come to my rescue. ‘You tourist? Where to, Sir?’, he asked, almost jerking me from the semi-trance that perpetually charmed me. Next, all were smooth. Crossing over plush markets, city gardens, traditional buildings, and historic sites dotted all throughout the city, brought me to a hotel, quite far away from the proper city. The place was rightfully destined for me, as it gave me a break from the city noise and the blinding lights that often gets on my nerves. Its winter in the country – and time is ripe to check out all the must-see places in Copenhagen. So, things that were not done earlier, were started immediately — surfing the Internet or asking locals about the places to visit

As much as I could grasp, there were unlimited spots that are worthy to be explored, but owing to my short trip, a maximum of 10 sites can be visited — that too after immense traveling. To start with, first I had to check out the historical sites — that portrays the true vibe and glorious past of the city and the country. Copenhagen is typically well-known for being home to enormous castles, palaces, and other architectural marvels. For this, the Fredericksburg Palace — a grand Renaissance architecture of Nordic Europe – was the first foray that brought me to the Museum of National History. At the first look, the castle leaves a lasting impression for its unusual architecture, historical eminence as well as wide collections of artifacts at the museum inside. To further delve into the must-see Copenhagen sites, the Kronberg Castle was next. The major attraction of this castle is its pristine setting amidst green forests and the cool atmosphere absolutely cut off from the city glitter and bustle. Obviously a UNESCO World Heritage site, the castle is 40 Km away from the city. Moreover, the magnificent artistry of the Copenhagen Opera House — an obvious must-see tourist attraction in Copenhagen – is what I have heard for ages, and never wished to miss.

Next, I was on for the museums and the art galleries. If you visit every corner of the city, you will be more than elated to discover the rare artistic prowess gifted to the city, but only a few museums and art galleries are worth visiting — if only you are too selective. The contemporary art, architecture, and landscape that is united in the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art- a must-see Copenhagen site – is worth a shot. Further deeper, you can delve into history through the art collections and cultural portrayals/ events at the Freetown Christiana, the North Atlantic House, the Frederic Church or the Church of our Savior. Also, take long walks, cycling tours or even drive along the outskirts of the city to cherish nature, or breathe the cool healthy air.

And, this is not all. Must see places in Copenhagen also include aqua parks, boating trips, gardens for relaxing and well laid out restaurants to savor authentic Danish food. List of must-see Copenhagen:

  • Freetown Christiana
  • North Atlantic House
  • Frederic Church
  • Church of our Savior
  • Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
  • Copenhagen Opera House
  • Kronberg Castle
  • Fredericksborg Palace
  • Museum of National History
  • Amalienborg Palace
  • Christiansborg Palace

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