Fast Facts

  • Location: 80-hectare campground near the Roskilde town.
  • Attraction Type: Music Festival
  • Significance: One of the four main music festivals in Europe.
  • Best time to Visit: July 2 to July 5.Warmup from 28th June
  • Visiting Hours: No visiting hours. This is a music festival where you tent in.
  • How to Reach: Roskilde is reachable by bus, car, and train from Copenhagen. The festival has its very own train station. The nearest airport is in Copenhagen.
  • Nearest Airport: Copenhagen International Airport.

Roskilde Festival is your place to be if you are a music fan. This premier music festival hosts the best of music every year in July. Started in 1971 by two high school students and held in a village ground outside of Roskilde, Denmark, it has graduated to become one of Europe’s four main rock festivals. Held in July every year, the campsite becomes open for settling in the last Sunday of June. The festival has seen the veritable whos who of the rock fraternity and is frequented by a large number of Australian, British, German and Scandinavian fans. It is also one of the safest of festivals after a ghastly accident in 2000. Pearl Jam has dedicated a song called “Love Boat Captain” to this incident.

In general, there is an equal mix of high flier rockers and local Scandinavian talent. The campsite is divided into 8 stages as of 2005. Some of the stages like orange are named after the color of the camp. Others are named after the type of music they play like the Ballroom and Cosmopol. The total area is around 80 hectares. Facilities like toilets, cell phone charging, luggage storage are available. Skating, Swimming is sometimes the theme of the “agoras” the individual subdivisions of the campsites. The ticket price for 2009 would be upwards of 1785 Kroner.

Things to Do

  • A wide variety of music is on offer. From R&B to Electronica to Funk to New Age, the list is endless. Tickets generally get sold out early. Be there to experience the chaos and the camaraderie as well as the best of world music.
  • The Naked Run—–For Men and Women alike. When the gates open in July, here is a chance to shed your clothes and be the first to cross the finish line to get a free ticket.

Other Activities:

  • Savor the food from the various food stalls
  • Go swimming or skating from the “Agora”.
  • Make new friends


Camp tents are available along with the tickets. These tickets cost more than the base price of 1785 Kroner. A small tent with the ticket would cost you a little more than 2325 Kroner and a large tent would cost more than 2800 Kroner.

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