Devon, though not yet an ideal holiday destination in England, surely deserves to be one. Often overlooked by most as a travel destination — the must-see Devon sightseeings are soothingly breathtaking — not only for the gardens, parks or nature’s blessings but also for its queer diversity, displayed in forms of theme parks, zoos, aquariums, markets places, farmlands, historic sites and many more. So, for Brits going too far of places looking for vacation fun or solitude, they can always strike up a trip plan to Devon with their friends or family. No matter, whether you are for a short or long vacation, the must-see places in Devon would surely stupefy you with placid lakes, yellow coasts anchored with the sea, the ever-charming terrains with sprawling settlements, or my favorite — the green succulent meadows that blend with the sky at the horizon. Picture-perfect! Absolutely stunning!- Devon is a tourist charmer and is also best for kids, professionals, women or even your pets to enjoy a joyous holiday.

A flurry of adjectives squeezed out of my brain, as I stood benumbed amidst the breathtaking scenery. But the words – I so thought of — dissolved somewhere in me, after my voice got chocked by the overpowering emotion, that plunged me enough in Devon’s turf to think sense. I stood for hours at the hotel balcony – gaping at the enthralling pulchritude all around me – until the room attendant jerked me off from the hypnotic trance I was in. ‘Sir, already 4 past 30 sirs. Not planning for a trip?” A wave of energy seemed to gush through my vain, as my eyes gleamed with excitement. ‘Ya! Time to move: to check out the must-see Devon sites’, I thought — trying to push me out of the soliloquy. Everything was said and done, and I was on for a trip; my first foray — nature in Devor! Talk of untouched beauty, of greenery, or of the dazzles of the sea-water, and Devon is bounteous with all. Hire a guide and amble around the calm trails of the Becky Falls Woodland Park — a curious natural site blended with unique flora, wildlife, and adventures. If that’s not enough, the Canonteign Falls – picturesque for its scenic surroundings and the balmy cascades – draped with vast timberlands, enchanting lake views, and thrilling walking trails is also a must-see tourist attraction in Devon. For the coasts, the Blackpool Sands, the charming beaches of the Living Coasts – inhabited by penguins, seals, or vast wildness at the Torquey’s Coastal Zoo – or even an excellent experience at the Stuart Line Cruise, are best to explore.

To bring to the forefront the true beauty of the place, it is best to walk into the heart of nature. Starting from the well known historical park Bicton Park Botanical Garden, and Clovelly, a quaint historic village in some corner, to a nostalgic walk along the Dartmouth Castle, the Kents Cavern, and even the weird Quince Honey Farm – all must-see places in Devon – has it all well stored for you. For the oldies, the kinder side of Devon can be viewed at the gardens and the parks, specifically made to relax, stroll, or even spend the day amidst cool surroundings. The Babbacombe Model Village, Buckfast Abbey, Killerton and many more are gardens cum entertainment hubs for both kids as well as adults. If the beautiful prospects from the Pecorama is inevitable to the eyes, then the galore of gardens, houses, traditional art galleries at Torre Abbey is obviously worth a shot.

Back to your senses now. Shake off from the trance: the enchantments of nature, and buck up for the heritage and historical sites. Though not a place with extensive historical significance – unlike other cities in England — Devon indeed looks grand for the famed Arlington Court, the well-known artworks at the Bradworthy Transport Museum, and the Dingles Fairground Heritage Center – a must-see the place in Devon. Drop by the Dartington Crystal, the Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway or the Seaton Tramway — excellent places to grasp the glory of England. For a thrilling walk along the dungeons of the castles or to check out the enormous architectures, the Castle Drogo, the Powerderham Castle, and the Wearmouth Castle — aged more than 600 years — are perfect.

Not over yet! Try the exciting games and fun opportunities in water parks, amusement parks, zoos and aquarium, and the creatively made theme parks. For, Devon is a one-of-a-kind destination, you can never afford a miss. List of must-see Devin sightseeings:

  • Castle Drogo
  • Powerderham Castle
  • Wearmouth Castle
  • Dartington Crystal
  • Lynton & Lymputh Cliff Railway
  • Seaton Tramway
  • Bradworthy Transport Museum
  • Dingles Fairground Heritage Center
  • Babbacombe Model Village
  • Buckfast Abbey
  • Killerton
  • Pecorama
  • Torre Abbey
  • Dartmouth Castle
  • Kents Cavern
  • Quince Honey Farm
  • Bicton Park Botanical Garden
  • Covelly
  • Torquey’s Coastal zoo
  • Stuart Line Cruise
  • Blackpool Sands
  • Living Coasts
  • Canonteign Falls
  • Becky Falls Woodland Park

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