What does the touchy melody of “Let it be…” or the inspiring beats of the ‘Revolution…’ remind you of? Obviously, it is the 1960 boy band, ‘Beatles’ that even after ages of its extinction, gives a heady feeling with its music. For me, it was not just music, but the must-see Liverpool sites, excellent for family vacation trips. However, the music mania that has so entangled the city, is reason enough for the boundless energy and passion that fills the air. On my first visit, I was stunned, not by the glamor or ethnicity – which is well preserved in the entire country – but by the musical flavors that engulf all the must-see places in Liverpool. And yes! How can I forget to mention? Liverpool — one of those center for sports and entertainment, drives even the laziest to jump out of mirth in the stadiums or get elated at the slightest glimpse of the ever-glamorous football stars. For, if you are a hedonist, then the museums, the architectures, the sports or even the pristine outskirts would make you fall for the city multiple times.

‘Looking for the must-see Liverpool sites, aren’t you?’, exclaimed my room attendant, almost pretending to be one of those know-all city guides. And, here was my chance to strike up a meaningful conversation to gather some bits about the city. “Beatles Tourist attractions’ — I kept murmuring to myself – that further pumped up my energy. Liverpool was the home to the band, and you can find more than a hundred sites that are connected to the lifestyle of the singers. It was here, where John and Paul — both singers of ‘Beatles’ – spent their childhood days, and rhymed their favorite songs and tunes. The still-preserved home of John Lennon at Mendips and the childhood home of Paul McCarthy at Rorthlin Road turned me nostalgic, as you can still feel their presence and their everlasting music humming in the air. Next, it was the Quarry Bank, the Strawberry Field, the Mathew Street and other must-see places in Liverpool that I ambled to photograph some of the most beautiful sceneries and the unforgettable pathways.

I would say, make a point not to miss the Albert Dock, home to multiple must-see tourist attractions in Liverpool, starting from the Beatles Story, the Merseyside Maritime to the well known International Slavery Museum. If it is for art and culture, then the museums, architectures, or the myriads of events conducted throughout the city are worth the try. While you can choose your own favorites, the Tete Liverpool, was my foremost try, to check out the contemporary and modern art collections. If the Tete is rightfully one of the best places to get a glimpse of English Art, other galleries like Victoria Gallery and Museum Liverpool, FACT Gallery and Media Lounge Liverpool or for instance, the famous Sudley House Liverpool are storehouses of other heritage artistry. Like art, even parks and gardens are galore in the city. Green parks adorned with architectural prodigies from the past, statuesque statues as well as lush green meadows, form the perfect setting to take long walks on a sunny afternoon contemplating the beauty of nature. If the pellucid lakes are enticing you to take a dip or the often-vacuous pathways are best for you to stroll, then the tiny lodge buildings are perfect to tarry for a day or two. The Calderstones Park or the Greenbank Park or even the Sefton Park are must-see Liverpool sites to enjoy a family vacation or take a break from the monotony of life.

I was not over yet. Though my days in the city were almost over, a visit to the cathedrals or the shops seemed to be more important for me than otherwise. Obviously, it was the Liverpool City Center — a must-see place in Liverpool – that took precedence over all others. With as many as 160 high street shops and a ‘plush-plush’ environment, the place is perfect to dine, to have fun or just walk around gazing at the ostentatious surrounding. If you are game for some fun or wish for more vagabonding, then hire a cab, and drop by the Echo Wheel of Liverpool, the famous Liverpool Waterfront, or the Speke Hall. As for the cathedrals, the master architect of the Liverpool Cathedral and the Liverpool Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral left me completely bewildered. Combining all, Liverpool is an unforgettable destination.

List of must-see Liverpool sightseeings:

  • Liverpool Cathedral
  • Liverpool Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Echo Wheel of Liverpool
  • Liverpool Waterfront
  • Speke Hall
  • Liverpool City Center
  • Calderstones Park
  • Greenbank Park
  • Sefton Park
  • Sudley House Liverpool
  • Victoria Gallery
  • Museum Liverpool
  • FACT Gallery
  • Media Lounge Liverpool
  • Tete Liverpool

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