If London is for architecture and intricate craftsmanship, then Manchester looks stunning for its spectacular setting and the football craze that makes it an ultimate place to sojourn for days. Amongst all, the must-see Manchester sites are some of the most popular sites in the world, for hoarding a million-year-old history and tradition, preceded only by London — the capital city. Ask me about must-see places in Manchester, and my eyes gleam with hope. I have been planning to visit the city — but have been raring to do so, for lack of proper companionship. However, extensive and detailed web search has brought me to a conclusion about the major tourist’s spot in the city. As much as I could grasp – if for the history lovers it is the architectural marvels or art, or for the travel freaks it is the outskirts, then the shop alcoholics will have a blast at the plush market places with ethnic decor. The ancient housing constructions and the museums are places you can’t afford to miss — if wishing to plunge into history or mingle with the spirit of the city.

A cornerstone of the Industrial Revolution must-see places in Manchester are locations, every tourist dreams to be a part of, at least once in a lifetime. A flight to Manchester from the USA might not be hectic, but the brewing excitement among all, to finally plunge in the ever-vibrant city, obviously took our mind for a toss. The rising thrill among passengers as the flight touched its feet on the ground of Manchester was the major reason for the exhaustion. And, above all, there was no stopping the frenzy among youngsters, if you are out for some heart-pumping football match or even cricket — to a certain extent. Keeping aside the boisterous side of the city — which ultimately breaks off from the sophisticated and elegant social bindings — amble along the must-see Manchester sightseeings. Say Art or tradition, the art flamboyance at the museums or the architectural brilliance is proof enough to portray the cultural richness of the city. For instance, the Whitworth Art Gallery that deserves a place among the top art museums in the world is known to store more than 55000 works of art by famous artists like Picasso, Van Gogh or Francis Bacon. Museums like Manchester Art Gallery, Imperial War Museum and Urbis — though not frequented by all — yet deserve a visit by the art lovers. Next, the New People’s History Museum was my most sought after foray, not for art only, but for the rare effort to bring together old and new architectures under one roof.

If it is fun or continuous vagabonding you are keen about, then don’t procrastinate the market places or the fun sites. Places like Canal Street or Old Trafford are excellent places to entertain yourself before you wind up your tour. Crammed with a slew of shops, pubs, bars, and restaurants and shopping arcades, both are excellent shoppers stops. ‘Must-see Manchester sites’ are a hypothetical list — I would say — as tourist spots in the city are endless, and to choose a handful of 10 and rank them as a top, is utterly difficult and confusing. For better exposure about the history and culture of England — though we all have a fair idea — is only possible if planned for other must-see tourist attractions in Manchester at Museum Science and Industry — a museum that brings forth events and artifacts related to the industrial revolutions — or the grand Manchester Opera House – a center of great cultural progress and events. If it is music or motion pictures, then the glittering Manchester Evening News Arena or the 19th-century creation Free Trade Hall are places you may check out. List of must-see Manchester sites:

  • Whitworth Art Gallery
  • Free Trade Hall
  • Manchester Opera House
  • Museum Science and Industry
  • Manchester Art Gallery
  • Imperial War Museum
  • Urbis
  • Canal Street
  • Old Trafford
  • New People’s History Museum
  • The Cornerhouse
  • Manchester Evening News Arena

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