If you are isn’t the one with copiously filled wallets, or with a scholarship or two in your kitty, then Oxford University is quite obviously, not the right place for you. However, not being a student at this heritage university, doesn’t stop you from visiting it. If not for the university, a thousand tourist ventures the must-see Oxford sites, just to check out the quaint outskirts of England and also cherish the ethnicity of the city. Oxford as a city is a picture-perfect place for nature lovers to roll on green grasslands and inhale the salubrious air filled with a typical countryside aroma. However, just the suburban ambiance is not all you got to admire. If it is fun or shopping or night parties, then you are always welcome to the markets and entertainment centers in the city. If the markets and the natural must-see places in Oxford aren’t appealing, then the museum and the historical art collection are obvious choices you can always bend on.

While most places in Oxford are picturesquely set with greenery and countryside pastures, the city is distinctively known for its historical sites, and galore of shopping scopes as well as entertainment opportunities. Carfax Tower is the one you can always drop by to refresh memories of the great past of the city. Initially, this tower, which was a part of the St. Martin’s Church — almost demolished – established in the year 1818, is today one of the most visited must-see places in Oxford. Walk up the 99 steps to the tower to get spectacular views of the ‘Dreaming Towers of Oxford’. Capture photographs of some of the most breathtaking views from the summit and also come across the great history that this architectural ruin has in store for you. Culture and history are spilled all over the city. If you are thinking about architecture, art, and museums, then travel extensively to come across some of the best artworks at the Museum of History of Science and the architectural marvel of Christ church.

Not to forget, even the University of Oxford Botanical Garden is a marvelous must-see Oxford site to check out. Spread out with as many as 7000 species of plants all throughout the place, the garden is every plant-lovers dream destination. However, what is most fascinating about the garden is the presence of three sections — namely, The Glasshouses, the area around the Walled Garden, and the Black Border and Autumn Borders. For the bookworms, the city is blessed with some of the most famous libraries, bounteous with books of all types. The Radcliffe Camera and Bodleian Library is a major tourist destination in Oxford you must see if you wish to spend some quality time reading about world history, philosophy or literature. With as many as 6 million volumes, the library is again divided into three sections — Old Library, Radcliffe Camera and the Bodleian Library. Unlike just the libraries, if you wish to further delve deeper unto into the history of the country, then notch up your excitement by visiting the Blackwell’s Book.

Making the city further historic is Oxford University, which is also worth a trip to check out every pathway and the surrounding area within its premises, and admire its architectural grandeur. Other than this, the Sheldonian Theater and the famous Magdalen College are also excellent must-see places in Oxford. For shopping opportunities, it is the Covered Market, famous for the wide variety of shops and stalls spread all over the place. Museums like Ashnoleum Museum, the Pitt River Museum, or the spicy food in Brown’s Restaurant, or wines served at the Brasserie Blanc, are also excellent places to perceive the traditionalism and the true vibe of the city.

List of must see Oxford sightseeings:

  • Ashmolean Museum
  • Pitt Rives Museum
  • Brown’s Restaurant
  • Brasserie Blanc
  • Sheldonian Theater
  • Magdalen College
  • Covered Market
  • Radcliffe Camera
  • Bodleian Library
  • Blackwell’s Book
  • University of Oxford Botanical Garden
  • Oxford University Trip

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