‘Yorkshire tripping! Is that so?” – exclaimed my neighbor, on the day I was finally given to believe that Yorkshire is brilliant. While I was not quite keen about tripping the city during summers, yet incessant gleams and excitements among fellow passengers on overhearing that I was bound to Yorkshire did question my skepticism for the place. A trip that took place quite suddenly, obviously left me in blues as limited researches were made about the must-see Yorkshire sites. But don’t you worry, cause Yorkshire as always is one of the most frequented tourist spots in England and assistance is available at every corner. Yorkshire has it all — if you are looking for an ideal weekend or a vacation. A drive through the city streets brings you across diverse sites and shops best for tourists to cherish. If it is the underwater aquariums that excite children, then the galore of shops, museum, as well as historical artifacts, are perfect for a family visiting as well as researching. So, if you are on for some breathtaking suburb view, exciting history explorations or an effective spa treatment then here you are, at the must-see places in Yorkshire — perfect for you.

To start with, notch up your trip with the exciting ones, rather than getting into historical research. Hull’s Submarium is the right destination to excite yourself after a tiring journey. Best to infuse energy amongst all, the place is known for being surrounded by as many as 40 sharks and 3500 fishes hovering around you as if all ready to gallop on you. Though not typically for the kids, I would always prefer a tour into the Royal Air Force Bunker — a must-see Yorkshire site – if got a chance. The tour takes you through the nuclear bunkers into the Operations room, COMCEN/radio and Telephone Exchange, and many more. Situated underground, the place displays exquisite technology and the nuclear power of the nation. For adventure lovers, the city is best to check out the RSPB Bempton Cliffs Reserve an excellent tourist destination in Yorkshire, and home to varieties of birds and wildlife views. Walk across the pristine meadows and the quite forests and you can come across the rare aroma of jungle flowers and UK’s Seabird colonies. For the fitness freaks, you can always check out the Bridlington Spa, within the precincts of the city.

Level two, and its time for some museum hopping or history explorations. History lovers are excited to come across some of the best examples of art and craft in the city. Start by viewing the Gothic architecture at the Beverly Minister Britain’s finest artistic example that testifies the age-old culture and architectural prowess of the city. Here, come across 15th-century misericords, Saxon sanctuary chair, Percy Tomb canopy and a large collection of medieval art. Extend more, and you can come across the Museums quarter, yet another must-see place in Yorkshire. Keep- yourself prepared to get bewildered by the architectural stature of the K.C. Stadium – a venue for sports, pop concerts and events — and the voluminous Humber Bridge — one of the longest bridges in the world and also iconic for the Humber Bridge Country Park as its backdrop. Sightseeings are endless in the city. Take a walk along the quiet atmosphere of the Sewerby Hall and Garden, by gazing at the Bridlington Bay. If that not all, then a short visit yo the Hull New Theater is inevitable for all. List of must-see Yorkshire:

  • Hull New Theater
  • Sewerby Hall and Garden
  • Humber Bridge Country Park
  • Humber Bridge
  • K.C. Stadium
  • Beverly Minister
  • Hull’s Submarium
  • Royal Air Force Bunker
  • RSPB Bempton Cliffs Reserve
  • Bridlington Spa

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