Fast Facts

  • Location: The British Isles
  • Capital: London.
  • Currency: Pound
  • Language: English and some other regional languages.
  • Best time to Visit: June to September.
  • Time Zone: GMT.
  • Calling Code: 44
  • Major Airports: Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport, Manchester Airport

England, the land of the kings, queens, barons, knights, ecstasy, imagination and charm. Talking about the country itself brings in front of our eyes a picture of romance and imagination. With its variegated cultural, constructional and traditional excellence, the resplendent must see England attractions will leave you in awe. Though the country is noted for its rich culture, literary brilliance and historical importance, England today still conjured the heart of tourists for its uncommon charm, peerage, and sophistication. The overall quality, environment, natural beauty and the must-see places in England, make it one of the best tourist spots in Europe.

List of must-see places in England:  

The ancient history and the over sophisticated culture of the country has much in store for you other than just natural beauty. The country is scattered with unlimited architectural sites, which are witness to the novel heritage of England. First fly to London, the capital and one of the most sought after must-see places in England. Other than the lush green lawns, the unique tranquility of the parks and the pleasant weather condition, London is even more awesome for its historical buildings and artifacts. Don’t forget to visit the most acclaimed Tate Modern or the Museum of Trafalgar Square to discover the rare facts about the culture, tradition and historical eminence of the country. Added to all these, the plush city life and the bustling market places with a spectacular setting and glittering lights, make the country a dream destination for shop-alcoholics.

Among other significant must-see England destinations, the Alberts dock is yet another amazing place to unravel the history and enjoy the scenic beauty of England. A country has even gained prominence for its engineering marvel. For instance, the Alberts dock that is a port situated in Liverpool is an exquisite example of an architectural masterpiece. While in Alberts, you can also savor some of the spiciest delicacies of England from the nearby shops that surround the place.

A trip to this ever enthralling land with unbelievable charm also brings forward uncountable museums that project the true essence of the country. If the age-old Assyria, Babylonia, Greece or Roman Empire antics in the British Museum in Bloomsbury are over-exciting for you, then the technology stocks in the Science Museum will leave you enchanted. Other must-see places in England that have also dragged attention are National Portrait Gallery, the Somerset House, the Rhe Lowry, National Railway Museum and many more.

None of you must have seen anything like the Victoria & Albert Museum that throws light on the glorious history and the invaluable achievements of the British Empire. Travel to the beauteous Northern Britain with hilly terrains and also don’t forget the countryside ambiance of the laid back villages of the country. You can enjoy a relaxing holiday at the Flamingo Land Theme Park that has gained popularity for its multiple entertainments and unique attractiveness. British people, as well as foreign tourists, flock to this place any time throughout the year to enjoy the serene beauty, dramatic surrounding as well as a romantic stay at the holiday resorts. If the paradisiacal aura of the must-see England suburbs is not enough for you, visit the Blackpool Pleasure Beach that has been specially made to have a weekend bash for children as well as adults. Take some time out to view the mesmerizing vistas of the city of Bath and the massive cathedrals of Lincoln, as they have exceptional photographic opportunities.


Like most parts of northern Europe, England experiences a temperate climate. The summer months are pleasant and cool while the winter months are very cold with snowfall. The ideal time for making trips to England is in the spring and the summer season.


Air: The most important airports in England are London Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport, Manchester Airport, Exeter International Airport, and Birmingham International Airport and so on. Heathrow Airport is the busiest airport in the world and is a major air hub. It is connected with almost all countries in the world.

Train: Train services are well developed in England. Almost all counties are well linked with each other by a well-developed railway network. The cities of London, Manchester and other places also boast of urban rail networks and Light Rapid Transit systems like London Underground or Manchester Metrolink. London is linked with Paris as well through the English Channel tunnel. Eurostar trains connect England with major destinations in Europe.

Bus: Bus services connect England with major destinations and cities in Europe. The buses are well equipped with a host of facilities and services.

Cities in England:


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