Fast Facts

  • Location: Blackpool, UK
  • Attraction Type: Amusement Beach
  • Significance: Rides, Roller Coasters, Stage Shows, Restaurants
  • Best Time to visit: 10:30am to 6:00pm. All rides are open for weekends. The park is open daily between Easter and October when the park closes for the season. A small section of the park remains open to the public till Christmas. The timings are likely to have some variations.
  • Admission Rates: Get yourself an Unlimited Ride Wristband between 15 to 35 pounds to avail of all the rides. Junior wristbands for younger guests are available for 15 pounds. Freedom Pass is available for 5 pounds where you gain access to the parking area and also get to avail of a select number of rides including the Water Dance Show, Pleasure Beach Express, Chinese Puzzle Maze and the South Beach Musical stage show.
  • How to Reach: Follow M55 from Junction 32 off the M6. Follow signs for Blackpool, South Shore and then reach the Pleasure Beach following the brown signs.
  • Nearest International Airport: Blackpool Airport

Imagine the thrill of falling free from a height of above 100 ft, or sailing through the elements in a landscape that appears straight out of the pages of Nordic legends. These are some of the many experiences you can expect during your visit to the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool. The Pleasure Beach, Blackpool, over the years has developed as the leading amusement park in the UK. Home to the highest roller coaster in Europe, the amusement park has a range of rides that simply innumerable, along with plenty of shows and casinos. This is the place where the adults become children, and children become their true selves — innocent and joyous.

History of Pleasure Beach, Blackpool

The Pleasure Beach is an exclusive family-owned and family maintained park. Originally, it was founded in 1896 by William George Bean, who wanted to create an American style amusement park in Britain, influenced largely by his New York days as an advertising man. After his death, the ownership passed on to his daughter Doris and her husband Leonard Thompson. From then on, the ownership of the park lies in the hands of the Thompson family exclusively. The remaining members of the Outhwaite family sold their shares of the park. The park was moved to its present position in 1923. The managerial board, as much as the ownership, continue to lay exclusively with the Thompson family.

Popular Rides at Pleasure Beach, Blackpool

Of the numerous rides that are available in the park, some have attained nearly iconic status. Some of the most popular rides are not only considered to be the best of their kinds in the UK and the world but often as the only of their kinds in Europe. Some of the most well-known rides in Pleasure Beach include:

Avalanche: This is the only bobsleigh ride in the UK. IT is extremely popular and exciting.

Valhalla: The world’s biggest dark ride. Passengers have to brave the elements as they make this absolutely thrilling indoor ride. Opened in 2000, with an investment of 15 million pounds, this ride became an instant hit.

Bling Lift: Another great lift added in the new millennium. It carries passengers to about 100 feet above the ground, give them a spin through the air and then bring them down. The entire thing is done at a speed of over 60 mph.

Pepsi Max Big One: This is, quite literally, the big one. Passengers are taken to a height of about 235 ft. — the tallest of all Europe’s roller coasters. The tall and impressive structure has become one of the most popular and representative images of the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool.

Wild Mouse: This is one of the only three remaining authentic wooden wild mouse rides in the world. The number of twists and turns and exhilarating bends are almost endless. Recommended for the strong-hearted.

Apart from the above rides, there are a large number of family rides as well as indoor attractions. They can be fun, like trips through the island of Alice from Lewis Carol’s world to educative like Ripley’s Believe it or Not

Shows at Pleasure Beach

Pleasure Beach is the venue for some exciting shows. When in the park, you cannot possibly miss a performance at the South Beach show, currently featuring Russell Brown, the Beach’s family entertainer. Russell is an absolute phenomenon in the way he mixes magic, jugglery and other forms of entertainment to create a masterly combination that keeps not only children but adults as well, dumbfounded.

Other popular shows include the Grumbleweeds, Stairway to the Stars and the Spectacular Dancing Water Show. Some of Britain’s greatest child and young talents get to present themselves at the Big One Talent Show. The Star Idol Show is an equally fascinating show, with promising individuals from all over Britain showcasing their talents.

Accommodation and Dining in Pleasure Beach, Blackpool

The Big Blue Hotel is the only hotel that is located inside the parking area. You need to get your bookings early because the demands for this luxury hotel are quite on the higher side. However, you can opt for a hotel in and around the parking area in Blackpool. There are a large number of cafes and restaurants in the park, about thirty-five of them. There are a couple of pubs as well. You can choose one that suits your taste.

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