Fast Facts

  • Location: Yorkshire Dales National Park
  • Location: western corner of Yorkshire county, United Kingdom
  • Attraction Type: National Park
  • Significance: Geologists paradise, teeming with flora and fauna.
  • Best time to Visit: Summer
  • Visiting Hours: Any time during the day
  • How to Reach: It is 50 miles northeast of Manchester, to which it is connected by road. Also connected to Leeds and Bradford to the south and Darlington to the east. If you come by train, get off at Ribblehead. Bus services are also available. Take the one to Ilkley and then explore. The nearest airports are at Manchester or Bradford.
  • Nearest Airport: Manchester, Bradford airport.

Yorkshire Dales National Park is a place where you can relax amidst lush greenery and a variety of wildlife. Set up in 1954, this 680 square mile of Yorkshire is home to a large variety of wild animals. The park offers a range of activities for people of all ages. The National Park Centers are always there to assist you. However, if you would like to strike out on your own, the hills and valleys offer a variety of things to do at easy access. The valleys are grazed by cattle, but underneath there are limestone formations. It is because of this unique geographic formation, this area has one of the largest cave systems of the world.

Caving activity is actively undertaken at Gaping Gill, Mossdale and Leck Fell caves. Picturesque waterfalls are available at Clapham, Cautley Spout and Hardraw Force. The Bolton Castle which has been standing since 1399 offers you medieval quadrangular architecture that you will not find anywhere else. Malham Cove offers you a unique opportunity to tread on limestone paved through the ages with glacial action. This place is a geologist’s dream. Carboniferous limestone formations have been denuded over time and the mountains are of volcanic origin and hark back to the times when the earth was a violent place.

Things to Do

There are a host of things to do. Here are some if you like the outdoors

  • The National Park is home to a number of species like the badger, brown hare, otter, birds like the common buzzard, raven, redshank, merlin, the majestic Peregrine falcon and many more. You will also find different species of reptiles and amphibians. The country is home to 750000 different species of ferns and mosses
  • Go caving at Gaping Gill, Mossdale and Leck. This area is renowned for its large number of cave systems.
  • Go cycling on country trails. There are a host of trails which are meant only for cycling.
  • Explore the wetlands of the moorland fringe. The bogs, quarries and acidic rock outcrops are unique. Take your time to appreciate what nature does with the passage of time.

Other Activities:

If outdoor activities are not particularly your idea of a great holiday, you can opt for the following :

  • The many tea houses and pubs located in the area where you can relax.
  • Visit any of the villages and soak up the local culture. Try to visit during the harvesting season and during the Hay Time Festival.
  • Visit Dale Countryside Museum. This museum located in Hawes showcases the local culture.


Try staying at the bread and breakfast cottages that are here. They combine convenience with affordability. Some options available at the National Park are given below

  • Crakehall Watermill

    Little Crakehall
    North Yorkshire
    DL8 1HU
    Phone: 01677 423240
  • Stoney End

    Worton near Askrigg
    North Yorkshire
    DL8 3ET
    Phone: 01969-650652
  • Thorngarth Country Guest House

    New Road
    North Yorkshire
    LA6 3HN
    Phone: 01524-241295

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