Helsinki – the capital of Finland – is a place to walk past vacuous meadows, lazy around the pellucid lakes or gaze at sunbathed landscapes on pleasant afternoons. But impressively, for those looking for wholesome sightseeings for their vacation itinerary can also venture out other facets of the city. So, if you are ready to take the dip into history, culture or even nature, then the must see Helsinki sites overtly welcome you to all its endowments. You will love all that the city has in store for you. In fact, history lovers can be over-excited to know about the unmatched vigor of the city if they delve in the past. The city that was almost devastated during the World War was reconstructed, and you feel awesomely nostalgic while walking past the heritage sites or the ruins. In fact, the misfortune that Helsinki plunged into is barely evident at the must see places in Helsinki when you are strolling along with the flashy markets, the calm countrysides, or the luxuriant shops or the malls. So if not for anything, amble the city to perceive the unfathomable recovery of the city over the years.

You might well be spellbound to look at the typical Neo-classical influence here. You are thinking right, it is the Russian connection. In fact, those of you from St. Petersburg may even feel yourself at home, if you meticulously gaze at every facade of the architectures at the must see places in Helsinki. For instance, either drive or walk over to the Russian Orthodox Cathedral at the rocky Katajanokka Peninsula and you will be hushed to come across the authentic Russian interior decor and the Neo-classical exterior artistry. Surprisingly though, but the church is an exemplary testimony to the Russian governance in Finland till 1919. Further historical touch is evident from the marvelous statue of Tzar Alexander II at the square that stands stalwart in front of the cathedral. For further tit-bits of such art-forms, you can always fix an entire day for the senate square, one of the must see tourist attractions in Helsinki. Especially, do plan a trip here during the month of December to gaze at the famous torchlight processions in the square — the Finland Festival – that invites myriads of tourists from all parts of the world. Or if not the festival, you are always welcome to walk past or enter the Senate Building, the University Building and the Lutheran Cathedral situated nearby.

While you can always feast your eyes with the Russian architectures, you also have quite a number of forts, castles, and museums that exposes the Finnish culture and society from the past till date. If you are elated by the elegance of the Lutheran Cathedral — a famed landmark at Helsinki – at the Senate Square, then be sure to get further impressed by the mesmeric construction of the Temppeliaukio Church (also known as The Rock Church), one of the must see Helsinki tourist attractions. Constructed by two architect brothers in the year 1969, it is an excellent example of rock art that gives an unusual spiritual experience to all. For more of architectural prowess and historical sightseeings The 18th-century Fortress of Suomenlinna, the Alvar Aalto construction: Finland Hall — a seat to the country’s concert hall and the congressmen — still awaits you. Nevertheless, for a lazy walk amidst the ethnic set of the museums, you can always take a shot at some of the best art galleries in the city that restores some of the best historical souvenirs. Amongst all, the Seurasaari Open Air Museum is the one you can’t afford a miss. The museum is not only a primary attraction for its 17th century Karuna Church but also for the 18th — 20th-century ambiance depicted in its farm and the folk buildings. And, for more exhibits keep enough time in hand for the Finno-Logic exhibits at the Harbor Museum or the Finnish archaeological collections – from the stone age – at the National Museum of Finland. While all these — and there are more — are must see Helsinki spots, for the tourists The Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art with artworks of Minimalism, Pop Art, Arte Povera, German Neo-Expressionism, Italian Trans-Avant Garde as well as American 1980s paintings, is also a brilliant place to get a taste of the diverse art history of Finland.

So, no time for thoughts. Get your air tickets soon, bag-pack stuff and plan all for an immediate vacation trip.

List of must see Helsinki sightseeings:

  • National Museum of Finland
  • The Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Harbor Museum
  • Seurasaari Open-Air Museum
  • Karuna Church
  • Fortress of Suomenlinna
  • Finland Hall
  • Temppeliaukio Church
  • Lutheran Cathedral
  • Senate Square
  • Russian Orthodox Cathedral
  • Statue of Tzar Alexander II
  • The Finland Festival
  • Senate Building
  • The University Building

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