Fast Facts 

  • Location: In eastern Scandinavia surrounded by Russia in the east, the Gulf of Finland in the south, the Gulf of Bothnia in the west, Sweden in the northwest, and Norway in the north
  • Country Capital: Helsinki
  • Language/s: Finnish, Swedish, Sami
  • Currency: Euro
  • Time Zone: EET (UTC + 2), EEST (UTC + 3)
  • ISD Code: 358
  • Best Time to Visit: June to August
  • International Airports: Helsinki —Vantaa, Tampere Oulu, Rovaniemi, Turku, and Vaasa

Finland stands out as a nation of incredible vitality and an indomitable free spirit. Though economically among the top-ranking nations, the must see Finland tourist spots transfer you to a different world of fantasy and consummate beauty. Comprising of glorious forested wilderness, the country is a fascinating blend of glamorous urban cities and breath-taking countrysides. Anyone visiting Finland will be impressed to come across diverse tourism experiences. May it be the ice-covered landscaped during winters, the green wilderness with spectacular prospects or the glittering city life with sparkling lights or the quaint suburbs, the bewitching beauty of the must see places in Finland will leave you in awe. So while you are thinking about a favorable vacation trip, make sure you put Finland in your itineraries.

Must see places in Finland

If you are still skeptical about the awesomeness of the country, then here are some facts on Finland that will clarify all your doubts. First, if you ever plan for a trip to this Scandinavian paradise, start with the trend-setting capital city

  • Helsinki:-Helsinki that is notable for its buoyant lifestyle and multiple sightseeings. May it is the pub culture or the cool parks or the well lighted posh shopping arcades, everything in this city is worthy to be visited. This is what makes the city overtly charming and a must see Finland destination. Situated in the Northern part of the country, the city is home to numerous architectural fortifications and historical marvels. Right from the spellbinding construction of the Suomenlinna Fortress and the magnificent artifacts of the Uspensical Cathedral to the spiritual ambiance of the Temppeliaukio Church, Finland will expose you to a vast variety of visiting spots.
  • Seurasaaru Open Air Museum and the National Museum of Finland: The unique part of the country that is restored in the Seurasaaru Open Air Museum and the National Museum of Finland will give a spark in your eyes.
  • Senate Square: It is another must-visit place in the country that is prominent for the Carl Ludvig Engel’s, the Palace of the Council of State and the Helsinki Cathedral.
  • Oulanka National Park and Lemmenjoki National Park: Taking a break from the humdrum of the city, you can even trek to the remote woodlands of Oulanka National Park and Lemmenjoki National Park in the northern and eastern regions of this Scandinavian country. The dark wilderness of these parks are must see Finland attractions that consist of a rare breed of animals and plants, is known for its enthralling vistas and hiking scopes.
  • During the summer months trekking through these woods in golden sunlight is an inexplicable feeling.
  • Finish Lapland: To further walk deeper into the natural offerings of the country, visit the enchanting landscapes of the Finish Lapland. The place is distinctively famous for the midnight sun and is an excellent skiing destination.
  • Lakelands: Dive into the cool and azure water of the lakes in the Lakelands, that comprises of as many as 150,000 lakes.
  • Rauma City: Explore the Rauma City, a World Heritage Site in the country that is home to colorful markets, astonishing architectures of the Church of Holy Cross and Lonnstrom Art Museum and many more.

While in Finland it is best to plan out a long holiday to visit other cities like Oulu, Turku and Northern Lights. Winter is equally mesmerizing in the lake land areas of Lappeenranta, which is a must see place in Finland. After a refreshing wood-fire sauna watches the enigmatic aurora borealis from the verandah of your forest cottage. To further intensify your travel experience, traverse vast stretches of snowfields in snowmobiles and other must see sites in the country as well.

Events and Festivals in Finland:
Planning for a longer trip will also help you to intermingle with the culture of the country that includes The Savonlinna Opera Festival and The Tahko Rowing and Canoeing Event, which are thrilling activities that can only be cherished in Finland.

When to Visit Finland
For all the activities and fun visit Finland between early June and the end of August, while September is the best time to enjoy ‘autumn’ colors. October, February, and March are the best months to have a glimpse of the aurora borealis in northern Lapland. Skiing and dog sled rides can be enjoyed in the winter months.

Traveling to and within Finland
Reaching Finland by sea is an exciting way of beginning your vacation in Finland. Regular ferry services to Helsinki operate from Stockholm in Sweden and Travemí¼nde in Germany. Alternatively, you could avail of Eurolines bus services from different European cities. Regular train services from Helsinki to Moscow going further to Vladivostok, China, and Japan along the trans-Siberian and trans-Mongolian routes are irresistible journey options.

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