Fast Facts

  • Location: Southern France, 30km north of Marseille
  • Attraction Type: Town
  • Significance: Town with a lot of history,culture and fountains.
  • Best time to Visit: Spring and Autumn. If you cannot make it to Aix in these two seasons, do not be disheartened. The weather is fine through out the year and it has never deterred anyone to have a good time in this city.
  • Visiting Hours: During the day. There are multiple museums with their own timings. Check before planning a visit.
  • How to Reach: Aix En Provence is connected by air, TGV and roadways to every corner of France and Europe.
  • Nearest Airport: Marseille-Provence International Airport

Built by the Romans in the 2nd century A.D. and witness to the ebb and flow of human civilization since then, Aix En Provence is a city that is steeped in history. First settled by a Roman Consul and his detachment in 122 AD, the city was taken over by the Visigoths in 477. It was then plundered repeatedly by the Franks and Lombards and the Saracens. It was not until 12th century till some stability came and with it came a cultural renaissance.

No wonder then that the city has more than a fair share of wide ways, palaces, and fountains. The rulers in the 16th and 17th centuries took particular interest in beautifying the city with fountains and enriching it by encouraging a solid culture of learning and education. Hence this city is called the city of fountains and it is also at present home to 15 higher education and research centers. This prominence in all things aesthetic and the importance it places to the nourishment of the mind will be apparent to you if you visit the city’s main sights and the museums. There are at least 9 museums and libraries in this city – places where there is so much to take in that you will easily not wish to go anywhere else.

Things to Do in Aix En Provence
Tasting the calissons or chocolate is a good start. The city has its own place in the good wine and food scene. Tasting of a different nature must be done through the eyes and you can do so by taking your time to visit any of the following-

  • Le Musíée du Vieil Aix (Museum of Old Aix)
  • Le Musíée d’Histoire Naturelle (Natural History Museum).
  • Le Musíée Granet

Many before you have indeed found inspiration in this city, the most notable of them being Emile Zola, Paul Cezanne, and Pablo Picasso. Many of Cezzane’s most remarkable works are displayed in the museums here.

If you want to feel like royalty in the midst of expansive castles and gardens, Aix en Provence has a wide array of choices. The Chateau de la Gaude, the Chí¢teau de la Mignarde, the Pavillon de Lenfant, and the Albertas gardens – you will be hard-pressed for time if you try to cover them in a short holiday. However, they are a sight to behold and I suggest that you visit all of them.

Other Activities at Aix En Provence
Taste the wine and confectionery for sure when you visit Aix. The city is known to produce the best wines-, and they award international awards to wines with quality. I suggest paying a visit to the universities and libraries too if you have an inquisitive spirit.

The city is known for its culture and the hotels are sure to provide you a grand experience. A good place to start searching is online. Some of the hotels in this town are:

  • Hotel Area
    4 Bvd de la Republique
    13100 Aix En Provence
    Phone: 04 42273600
  • La Villa Gallici
    Avenue de la Violette
    13100 Aix En Provence
    Phone: + 33 (0) 442232923

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