Fast Facts

  • Location: In the city of Nice in France.
  • Attraction Type: Event.
  • Significance: A grand event known for Carnival Parades and Flower Parades.
  • Best time to Visit: February.
  • Visiting Hours: During the daytime and evening.
  • How to Reach: Flights are available from most of the major cities in Europe, and also in North Africa and the Middle East. You can also reach Nice from the rest of France through the SNCF train network.
  • Nearest Airport: Nice Cí´te d’Azur Airport or Nice Airport (NCE).

Come the month of February, and the whole of Nice in France gets filled up with cheer, vibes, and joy. The city gets dressed up with colorful attires, streets get crowded with lively people, and the surrounding air gets filled up with the fragrance of happiness — yes, it is the time for Nice Carnival — one of the most popular events in France.

Held in the month of February every year in the city of Nice, France, Nice Carnival is the biggest and most spectacular festival in the country. The whole of France switches over into party mode during the festival as several parades are organized during the daytime and evening, the sky of the city gets illuminated with great fireworks and bonfire, and several other activities fill the city with enormous delight. If you are in France during festival time, you cannot afford to miss this grand event, it is amazing.

Things to Do
Nice Carnival is full of parades. There are several parades organized in the Nice Festival, which include various Carnival Parades and Flower Parades. And the biggest attractions of Nice Carnival for any traveler are certainly those parades. Besides these, you can also indulge yourself in various parties that are organized throughout the city.

Flower Parades: The Flower Parades promote the quality and extensive variety of Rivera flowers. It is also an awesome sight to see the 20 flower-covered floats parade along the promenade des Anglais. Costumed men and women throw around 100,000 flowers to the audience who go to visit the parade. It is better to book a seat well in advance to get a better view of the parade.

The Nice Carnival comes to an end on the Tuesday of Mardi Gras with a Grande Parade and fireworks.


There are plenty of hotels available in Nice for the tourists. Some of the hotels are as below:

Palais De La Mediterranee
15, Promenade Des Anglais

Le Meridien Nice
1, Promenade des Anglais

Grand Hotel Aston
12 Felix Faure

Nice also has a large number of wonderful restaurants. They serve a wide variety of dishes from all over the world, including Continental, Chinese, Italian and Turkish. Some of the best restaurants of Nice are Chez Juliette, Jouni de la Reserve, La Petite Maison, Chez Pipo, Le Safari and La Zucca Magica.

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