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Must see places in French Guiana

Fast Facts

  • Location: Northern Coast of South America
  • Capital: Cayenne
  • Languages: French
  • Currency: Euro
  • Time Zone: (UTC-3)
  • ISD Code: 594
  • Best Time to Visit: July to December
  • International Airport: Rochambeau International Airport of Cayenne
When we talk about must see places in French Guiana, the first thing that strikes our mind is the notorious prison history that has made it the stuff of legends. It was here that the myths around Papillon and Alfred Dreyfus were born and shaped. It is also the land of an absolute mind-blowing natural diversity, home to the leatherback turtle who lay their eggs under the cold rays of the moon, providing one of the most sublime sights on earth. French Guiana is an offshore colony of France, a place where this European power pours substantial funds to create a nuclear launching place. It is like an oasis amidst its surrounding nations: rich, affluent, pretty, and decidedly colonial in flavor. The must see places in French Guiana are contributions of the rich culture and heritage of the place that is slightly different from other French occupied Caribbean nations. Located on the northern coast of South America, French Guiana cannot be strictly called a Caribbean nation as the Caribbean Sea is located hundreds of kilometers away. No matter what, this island with its quaint beauty and uninterrupted solitude will serve as a relaxing destination for your holiday.
After you have traveled extensively throughout South America and is tired of the lengthy expeditions in the perilous terrains of wilderness, just fly to this picturesque land with unusual attractiveness. This island is perfect for those who wish to relax, rejuvenate and overcome perennial stress. Unlike other tourists places, the must see places in French Guiana have an unique charm that can stupefy the first time visitor. Visit Cayenne,the most happening city in the island and the capital of French Guiana. The city is gifted with various tourist attractions like the Jesuit-built residence of the Prefect in the Place de Grenoble, the Canal Laussat and the Botanical Gardens. Other than this, you can also come across the Musee Departmental and the Musee Des Cultures Guyanaises, which are major tourists destinations in French Guiana. If you are a first time visitor, you will be mesmerized by the exotic cafes, restaurants and the market stalls.

This is not all. You can even visit Kourou, which is very much in contrast to the traditional look of the other cities. Kourou is distinctively significant for the presence of the French Space Center that makes it a techno hub. Here you can visit the space center and also enjoy bathing, fishing, beach walking, sporting as well as Aero Club. Don't forget to visit Iles du salut, one of the must see places in French Guiana. This is because, these set of islands are notably famous for the Devil's Prison where politicians are imprisoned. The Haut-Maroni and Haut-Oyapoc are two other French Guiana tourist spots that are worth watching for their countryside environment.

In spite of the diminutive size of the country, French Guiana has attracted tourists for its beautiful suburbs, enchanting beaches, flowery gardens and various exciting activities. It has come up as one if the top most destinations for a stress- free vacation.

Best Time to Visit

The temperature in the French Guiana is comfortable all the year round; however humidity is almost always high. There are heavy rains between January and June, making it somewhat inhospitable. May, in particular, receives a great amount of rainfall. The best time is between July and December, when it is relatively dry. River transport is extremely well developed in the French Guiana, and buses are also widely available. Traveling within French Guiana is relatively convenient and is usually not a problem. Cayenne's Rochambeau International Airport is its window to the world, receiving flights from the US and some major international destinations.

French Guiana Attractions

Attractions of the French Guiana are extremely varied. Visits to the penal colonies of Iles du Salut is a sobering experience are quite popular, but for an experience of a different type, check out the leatherback turtles at Awala-Yalimopo. There are number of fascinating hiking trails as well.

List of must see places in French Guiana:

  • Haut-Maroni
  • Haut-Oyapoc
  • Cayenne
  • French Space Center
  • Iles du salut
  • Musee Departmental and the Musee Des

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