Fast Facts

  • Location: 50 miles west of Paris
  • Attraction Type: A village
  • Significance: A village made famous by artist Claude Oscar Monet who lives here
  • Best Time to Visit: April to October
  • How to Reach: By road A13 from Paris to Bonnieres and then via road D201; Alternatively by train from Paris to Vernon
  • Nearest International Airport: Paris Charles de Gaulle, and Orly

Giverny Village to the west of Paris is renowned as the favorite retreat of Claude Oscar Monet the famed impressionist painter of France. This splendid village has been immortalized in the paintings of this maestro who lived here since 1883 and expired in 1926. The lily pools, village cathedrals, and haystacks so typical of Giverny in France have all been vividly represented in Monet’s paintings. Whenever you visit Paris, a trip to this picturesque village becomes mandatory.

The house of Claude Monet with its weeping willows, water gardens, Japanese bridge, and water lilies attracts tourists in hordes from late mornings till the time it closes. To get a trouble-free visit around the house it is best to reach Giverny by 10 o’clock when Monet’s house opens its doors for visitors. Inside the house Monet’s collection of outstanding Japanese prints is remarkable. From the outside, it appears a bit eccentric and immensely interesting because of its Oriental architecture. From a store inside the artist’s house, you could buy Claude Monet’s duplicate paintings and souvenirs. You are allowed inside the premises of the house till 6 in the evening.

After visiting Mont’s house in Giverny head for the Natural Mechanical Museum founded by Gerard, Jean Pierre, and Rene brothers in 1955. This museum started as a private collection of the Guillemard family and over the years thrived with donations of unwanted machinery and engines after the 1980s. The preservation of these engines is a stupendous task which is done with great care. A Carel 1908 diesel engine of mass 28 tons is perhaps the most outstanding collection of this museum in Giverny.

Activities in Giverny
Explore Giverny village in Seine valley on foot or bicycle. This charming village with its meadows, woodlands, and dales is a hiker’s paradise. The forested hillsides with its willows and birch are a treat for the eyes. With little undergrowth, trails through these woods are a pleasant exercise. The open spaces allow you to have a memorable picnic with your family and friends. In case you want to save the save botheration of binging food, you could have delicious lunch in a restaurant at Claude Monet’s house.

Staying in Giverny
You could have a feeling of the rustic charm if you stay in The Robins in Giverny village. With exposed beams and stone walls, this village home exudes a Bohemian charm. Breakfast in the garden under a canopy is enticing. You would be served with bread prepared fresh from the kitchen oven. Le Clos Fleuri with a homely ambiance is another fabulous place to stay.

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