Fast Facts

  • Location: West Coast of France, near La Rochelle, north of Pertius d’Antioche strait
  • Significance: Island Resort
  • Attraction Type: Beaches, Watersports, Sailing, Canoeing, Sightseeing
  • Best Time to Visit: Summer months, between March and August
  • How to Reach: The best way is to drive from La Rochelle. It is connected to La Rochelle by a magnificent three-kilometer toll bridge. La Rochelle is between Nantes and Bordeaux and you can easily drive there from either of these destinations. You can also take a train to La Rochelle from Nantes, Bordeaux or Paris. You can also reach La Rochelle directly by air from a number of European destinations.
  • Nearest Airport: Airport La Rochelle-Ile de Re

The moment you set your foot in Ile de Re, you know you are going to love the place. The two-storied whitewashed houses with green painted shutters and orange tiles blending seamlessly with an environment that is green and soothing makes gives this place a joyous feel unlike any other. It is, therefore, no surprise that over the years it has developed into one of the most popular holiday destinations in France.

Other things that work positively in favor of Ile de Re are its great climate, particularly the summer times, the gentle breeze, cool seawater, and a charming but elegantly understated social life. Although the island has a winter residence of 16,000, the number becomes tenfold during the summer times, with plenty of tourists visiting and many coming back for their holidays. However, the population is spread out in such a way over the entire island that it never feels crowded.

Things to do in Ile de Re
You can indulge in a large number of activities during your visit to the Ile de Re. some of the activities that you can enjoy while you visit this beautiful French destination are:

Horse Riding: riding a horse through the beautiful beaches of the Ile of Reis bound to be a great and memorable experience. The horses have always been loved and revered on the island. A la carte hacking and pony trekking are available on the island.

Bicycle Riding: The islanders have a love for bicycles. There are biking trails across the length and breadth of the island. Few actually used motorized vehicles. One of the best ways to explore the island is to rent a bicycle and follow the trails.

Boating and Canoe Trips: This is the best way to explore the spectacular natural beauty of the island. There are a number of agencies that rent out boats and canoes for you to explore the tranquil waters surrounding the island.

Watersports: Ile de Re is well known for the wide range of watersport activities that it supports. Water surfing and water skiing are two of the most popular ones. Sailing is also a very popular activity.

Things to See in Ile de Re
Although Ile de Re is primarily noted for the wide range of activities it supports, it does not mean there is a dearth of attractions and landmarks that you would like to explore during your visit to the island. Of particular attraction are the various museums in the city. Some of the most popular museums are Musee Ernest Cognacq, Maison du Platin and Maison du Magayant. You can also enjoy the wildlife at Maison du Fier et Reserve Naturelle Lilleau des Neiges, which is protected by the bird protection league.

There are quite a few fortifications on the island that you may enjoy visiting. Some of the popular ones are the Fort de la Pree, the Redoute of Rivedoux and the fabulous fortifications of Saint Martin de Re. The 12th century Cistercian Abbey, the l’Abbaye des Chateliers is also a very popular landmark.

Accommodation in Ile de Re
Ile de Re is replete with places to stay. Accommodation opportunities include hotels, beds and breakfasts, hostels and inns. They cater to the needs of luxury as well as budget travelers. Le Grand Large, La Galore, La Richelieu and La Jolie Brise are only a few of the many hotels in the island. Visitors keen on a longer stay can opt for rental apartments.

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