Must see Corsica
Wish a trip to Corsica — a French region known for endless natural vistas and cultural intermingles? You are on the right track if looking for a vacation blast this year. Must see Corsica sightseeings — if you ask me — leaves me elated and indeed the picturesque landscapes deserve a click of your camera. Or, if you are over-stressed with your work-life, or your life stifled with neck-deep responsibilities, time to get a break: fly to Corsica and lounge lazily along the Mediterranean beaches or trudge the hilly terrains to buck-up your soul. Added to all this, the typical French neighborhood amidst all the natural turf is worth your enthusiasm, if you are an avid traveler or explorer. And, after your mind is over-saturated with the stunning prospects around, then the historical must see places in Corsica are still there in your kitty — left to be explored. A place that boasts of indelible stardom for being home to Sardinia — the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte — is seeming, an inimitable tourist spot for its cultural gems and wildlife grazing.

The territorial collectivity of Corsica — comprising of remarkable towns and locations — displays the inevitable legacy of the region, evident from the marvelous tourist spots. Start with Ajaccio — the capital and a must see the place in Corsica – adorned with multiple landmarks, historical souvenirs as well as beautiful surrounding views. For sightseeing, the place extensively vagabonds every corner of the city to come across the 16th-century residence of Napoleon, or the famed Ajjacia Cathedral, known for its architectural marvel and artistic semblance. Lazy along the ethnic pathways, the bounteous markets and — not to miss — photograph the plethora of towers sprinkled all over the city. Enjoy your stay here. If tired of the constant ramble all throughout the city, then drive to the Port-Vecchio seaport in the vicinity of the region. Enjoy the relic of the seashore – laze around the coast to bask in the sun or cherish a party with your friends or family. Though a popular summer destination for trotters, this must see Corsica site is also known to store myriads of Bronze Age ruins tattered all over.

If it is ethnicity, solitude or cherishing the cool wind blowing over green pastures, then stop-by the suburban landscapes — an obvious must see Corsica site. Walk around the tiny pathways, explore the calm forests and photograph the endless timberlands sprawled over hilly acreages at Calvi — the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. For further serenity and traditional touch, there is Sartene — a popular tourist destination in Corsica – known for its medieval ambiance. And, if the breezy townscapes and green fields at Ota isn’t something you wish a miss, then the never-ending tourism diversity at Cargese — both artificial and natural – is what floats on your eyes for days. For mythology and history, hire a cab to the architecturally affluent Saint-Florent, dotted with 15th century Genoese Fortress and amazing Romanesque Cathedrals. Also, get the fun of the beach, or smell the queer aroma at the Patrimonio Vineyards of Corciso – only found at Saint-Florent. Before you wind up, a short visit to the ethereal marine setting of Bonafacio that boasts of great strategical importance, the picture-perfect views of Bastia and the rare artifacts and terracotta rooftops at Corte — situated amidst green hill-forests – are must-visits.

Still undone: unless a lick of the sumptuous food or a sip of alcohol at the best restaurant or pub gives you the best trip satisfaction, to keep you glued to Corsico for a week-long fun and entertainment.

List of must see Corsica sightseeings:

  • Corte
  • Bastia
  • Bonafacio
  • Patrinonio Vineyards of Corciso
  • Saint-Florent
  • Cargese
  • Sartene
  • Calvi
  • Ota
  • Port-Vecchio
  • Ajaccio
  • Sardinia

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