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Lake Annecy

Fast Facts

  • Location: In Haute-Savoie in South eastern Frince
  • Attraction type: A lake
  • Significance: The cleanest lake in Europe
  • Best time to Visit: April to October
  • How to reach: Most easily accessed from Geneva in Switzerland, or Lyons is France
  • Nearest International Airport: Geneva in Switzerland.
Lake Annecy is perhaps the cleanest lake of entire Europe and is thus a widely visited tourist destination. This second biggest lake in France is popular among swimmers and water sport adventurers. Strict regulations and vigil has helped Lake Annecy in France to remain in the unpolluted state as it is.

Formed by large Alpine glaciers, this lake is over 18,000 thousand years old. Fed by Eau Morte, Bornette, Ire, Biolon and Laudon rivers, it also is sourced by an underwater stream at a depth of 82 meters. This 14 kilometer long lake has a circumscribed cycle path connecting Faverges to St. Jorioz. Around this lake, Annecy is the most important town, the others being Lathuile, Doussard, Talloires, Veyrier-du-Lac and Duingt.

Annecy is to France what Venice is to Italy. Annecy in Savoie is a medieval town centered about a Chateau of the 14th century. The entire town is dissected by fresh water canals with an azure blue appearance.

Lake Annecy Activities

Water sports and swimming are the main activities in Lake Annecy. You could either bike or cycle along the trails around the lake or in the surrounding mountains. The hills also offer excellent prospects for hang gliding and hiking.

A number of festivals keep the atmosphere of around Lake Annecy vibrant throughout the year. In April a cozy village festival with great French recipes is held. Family rides and vendors selling exotic dishes are fond in abundance. In June the largest animation festival takes place, followed by July Noctibules festival. The Lake Festival in August is characterized by spectacular fireworks, while in October the traditional farmers’ festival or ‘return

from Alpine pastures’ is held. This joyous event is accompanied by dance, music, food and lot of merriment.

Staying in Annecy

In Annecy you could stay in PV Holidays Adagio Annecy Center near the Old Town, Hotel des Alpes, Hotel Bonlieu, Best Western Hotel International Agency, and Comfort Hotel La Mandallaz.


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