Fast Facts

  • Location: Paris’s Left Bank in the 7th arrondissement
  • Architect: Gustave Eiffel
  • Height: Spire- 1,063 ft, Roof- 986 ft
  • Construction: 1887-1889
  • Time to Visit: Early summer
  • Opening hours: 9:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. (from January 1 to June 12 and September 1 to December 31) and 9:00 a.m. to midnight (from June 13 to August 31)
  • Admission Fee: EUR 11 (for the adult); EUR 6 (for the children)
  • How to Reach: You can get there by metro which are available from Line 6 serving Bir-Hakeim (Eiffel Tower), Sevres-Babylon (Le Bon Marche), Line 8 serving Invalides (Les Invalides), Varenne (Les Invalides, Musee de Rodin), Ecole-Militaire (Eiffel Tower), Latour Maubourg (Hotel des Invalides), Line 10 serving Sevres-Babylon (Le Bon Marche) and Line 13 serving Invalides (Les Invalides). RER-C serves stations of Invalides (Les Invalides), Champ de Mars-Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower), Musee D’Orsay (Musee D’Orsay). Apart from it, boat service by Batobus is available on the Seine.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Gare Du Champ de Mars
  • Nearest International Airport: Charles de Gaulle
  • The time required for sightseeing: Arou ours

Few visitors forget to take a camera to the top of the Eiffel Tower just before the spectacular Parisian sunset to capture the fabulous view. You can, however, carry your sketchbook along — who knows when inspiration descends! Given the amount of inspiration that the Eiffel Tower has instilled among artists, architects, photographers, engineers, and philosophers (remember Barthes’ famous semiotic study of the tower!) in the last century, it is difficult to imagine how the construction polarized local opinion at the time of its inception. Maupassant and Zola thought it was ‘monstrous’ and ‘useless’; Rousseau hailed it as a champion of formal perfection in modern art. The city authorities tried to disassemble it in 1909 — narrowly saved by the telecom telegraphic antenna that is supported! However, few Parisians now would disavow its monumental presence amidst their beautiful city. The lofty tower has become a global icon of Paris, and France.

The Eiffel tower is named after its designer, the celebrated 20th-century architect and engineer, Gustave Eiffel. The Eiffel Tower, Paris on the Champ de Mars at the side of the Seine River is one of the must see monuments in the world.

Eiffel Tower was constructed between 1887 and 1889 as the doorway for the Exposition Universelle, a World’s Fair commemorating the centennial celebration of the French Revolution.

There are a number of stairways and lifts to reach the first and second levels of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The tickets are available from the booth at the south tower base.

What to see

  • Illumination and rooftop beam– The Eiffel Tower is illuminated every evening from sunset to 1 a.m. ( up to 2 a.m. during the three months of summer), coupled with the lighthouse on the top of the that sends out its dazzling light beams during the same hours.
  • Ground floor– The colossal hydraulic elevator machinery which has since been reinstated and computerized is still in use at present. But admission to this machinery is not allowed to the public.
  • 1st floor– There are various displays that let you help to discover the Tower’s recent and past history, the technology and experience that it represents as well as the significant events that happened during its lifespan. Apart from them, there is a large circular gallery that leads you through a tour of the sites and monuments of Paris specified on the orientation panels.
  • 2nd level– With its 360° panoramic view over Paris, this is the perfect place to make a pictorial study of the city.
  • Top-level– There are two levels – one outdoor and the other indoor. The elevators take you up on this breathtaking ascent which provides magnificent glimpses of the astonishing bold architecture of the monument. The 180-meter climb ends with a spectacular view of Paris.

Eating out

  • Altitude 95 Restaurant– Located on the 1st floor, the restaurant serves a wide selection of delicacies and exclusive drinks in the midst of a romantic setting. Offering a variety of drinks and snacks all day in the bar on the lower floor, you can enjoy spectacular views of the Trocadero, the River Seine, and Paris in the dining outlet.
  • Le Jules Verne– The one-star Michelin restaurant of Le Jules Verne, located on the 2nd level, serves gourmet-style delicacies and traditional French cuisine.
  • Les Buffets– You will be served quality snacks and a wide selection of hot and cold beverages on the ground floor between the North and East pillars as well as on the 1st and 2nd floor of the tower.

The Gustave Eiffel Reception Room
The Gustave Eiffel reception room, located on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower, offers majestic views across the city of Paris. The room is resourced with state-of-the-art equipment to organize any type of events like seminars, conferences, press conferences, cocktails parties, etc.

Souvenir Shops
The souvenir shops, located at the pillar entrances and on the 1st and 2nd floors, offer various types of cultural and souvenir items like Eiffel Tower miniatures and key rings, picturesque postcards, medals as well as stationery, beautiful clothing, artistic tableware.

Nearby accommodation
The city of Paris with its historic attractions, numerous art galleries, breathtaking sights, diverse culture and heritage, up-to-date fashion and appetizing cuisine, is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Hundreds of hotels in Paris offer comfortable lodging and convenient facilities and services to the tourists. You will find abundant hotels according to your taste, mood, and budget near the Eiffel Tower as well.

Some of the hotels located within proximity to the Eiffel Tower are Best Western Derby Alma, Derby Alma, Hotel Eiffel Rive Gauche, Hilton Paris, Mercure Par Suffren Eiffel 4, Relais Bosquet, Hotel Sezz.

It is not the tallest structure in the world nor is it the oldest, but Eiffel Tower is probably the most favorite of the travelers. Paris just wouldn’t be Paris without the Eiffel Tower.

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