Films, endless celebrity glitterati, ethnic city streets and – not to miss — the pubs, market places and the dazzles of the flashy nightclubs, are all that describes the true vibe of Cannes, France. If you are on your first foray into the interiors of the city, Cannes will be bewitchingly splendid for the boundless glamor and the energy that binds it. So, checking out the must see Cannes sites, while on a long-awaited journey to this incredible country, would always be alluring for you. Therefore, if you are still unsure about a trip to Cannes, or are still awaiting an option for replacement, then you are surely missing a chance to visit one of the most extravagant sightseeings in the world. With a chic culture, a plethora of museums and galleries in every corner, meticulous architectures from history and lengthy beaches washed by the blue sea, must see places in Cannes is a traveler’s delight.

A step into the ostentatious glitter of the city sets you to fancy about some heady excitement. So, pack your bags, make a list of the must see Cannes sites and set to trot Cannes – be a part of this glitz. For the true charm of the city start with the Cannes film Festival — covered live on T.V. a couple of times. But, walking past the original setting would be indeed a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Known for its celeb presence, controversial movie screening, and directorial skill displays, the Cannes Film Festival will surely boost your fun in the city. If in the city during the time of the Cannes Festival, don’t forget a visit to the beaches. Who knows! You may even bump over your favorite star lazing around the coast. After the much-hyped Cannes Festival, time for some calmness — if you wish so. Boasting of a perfect surrounding for tired travelers looking for solace, the St. Marguerite Island – a 15 minutes boat ride from the city – best describes a relaxing getaway for tourists. And while you can enjoy the balmy weather, the breezy beaches, and the vibrant parties, you can also delve into the history of the “Man in the Iron Mask’. For more must see places in Cannes, the Musee de la Castre and the acclaimed La Criussette are two of the most visited ones in the city. Much in contrast to the hustle and the heart-pumping music beats of the festivals, or the gaudy lights of the luxuriant markets, Castre is a place with breath-taking artworks, while Criussette is best to avail gifts and souvenirs.

Don’t procrastinate museums or art collections. Obviously, the extensive cultural cross over the entire historic period is reason enough to perceive the reason for myriads of diverse art collections in French cities. The must see Cannes museums is a typical example in this context. The Fragonard Museum is home to ancient and ethnic perfumes and a factory that displays the entire process of perfume production: while the Mamaison Museum is known for its lush gardens sprinkled with magnificent artifacts and the mighty 19th-century mansion. Others like Musee de la Marine, Musee de la Photographie, Misee de la Mar, etc, are also must see tourist attractions in Cannes. For a further taste of history, don’t miss the monasteries in the St. Honorat Island, or the architectures at La Suquet.

Galore with casinos, discotheques, and theatrical programs, Cannes is perfect for a holiday trip. At the top of all, savor the ethnic French food and gourmets at The Majestic Martinez, or at the restaurant in the Hotel Grey d’Albain and Carlton, to conclude your journey happily.

List of must see Cannes sightseeings:

  • Majestic Martinez
  • Hotel Grey d’Albain and Cariton
  • Musee de la Castre
  • St. Honorat Island
  • Musee de la Marine
  • Musee de la Photographie
  • Misee de la Mar
  • Fragonard Museum
  • Mamaison Museum
  • La Criussette
  • La Suquet
  • St. Marguerite Island
  • Cannes Film Festival

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