Yes! Art is at its excellence in Nice. Whether you are looking at the museums — galore with myriads of art-forms – or the mighty landmarks that unearth the eventful history of France, the must see Nice sightseeings surely deserves a visit. Traveling through extravagant markets, dazzling malls, and shopping arcades, and historical edifices brings forth a queer blend of multiple cultures — that goes on to create the true French milieu. And for those, who wish to get a taste of modern France can always venture out the market places to enjoy a drink in the pubs, get a feel of the vibrant Nice city or roll oneself with branded garments. All combined, the must see places in Nice is a microcosm of all, may it be fun, entertainment, knowledge, sightseeing or relaxing. The quaintly set city – also bounteous with Russian edifices, Roman ruins as well as picturesque gardens and parks — has over the years dragged maximum tourism importance for its sea beach as well as the Nice Port, dotted with some of the most glitzy nightclubs.

Unlike the other cities in France, must see Nice sites seem distinctive for its exciting sightseeing scopes that can include everything from eating, drinking to lazying around beaches. To cherish all, visit the Promenade des Anglais, one of the favorites of many for its bustling and glamorous environment. Feel at paradise by sitting at royal blue chairs along the coasts, or walk for hours beside the sea. Gaze at the local’s jog, cycle or rollerblade with mirth. To enhance the fun, have a sip of the best drinks from the nearby vendors or taste the typical French delicacy — Crepes. And that’s not all if you are in the mood to relax. Give in to bounteous appetizers and drinks at some of the poshest restaurants lined along the coast. Enjoy the view and the drink. Amazing, right!

While museums and art galleries are common in France, give yourself some scope for fun and merrymaking. Vagabond the plush markets, the one-stop shops, souvenir shops, and the landmarks. To start with, the Cour Saleya Flower Market is a must see place in Nice — best for tourists to check out the beauty and buoyancy of the city. Draped with beautiful flowers and lined with countless souvenir shops, the location is perfect for sauntering or gazing at the soothing decorations and the ethnic gifts on display. To submerge yourself into the quintessential French neighborhood, foray Old Nice. Spread out with gifts, gourmets, clothing as well as household items, Old Nice is a brilliant tourist destination in Nice. Not to forget, the Le Chateau — a famous tourist place within the city — awaits your visit, if you are game for some hiking, test your photographic skills, or get a panoramic view of the entire city highlighted by the sea.

For art and architecture, the museums and the galleries fore-run all the must see Nice sites. Matisse Museum — for instance — is one of the most renowned that showcases the artistic skill of Henri Matisse – an adroit artist of the yesteryear. Everything from paintings to traditional artworks is available here in Matisse. Also present is a gift shop that stores works of the artist. Next, visit the nearby Nice Archeology Museum and Roman Ruins — portrayals of the great Roman invasions and a must see the place in Nice. In fact, other than the Russians, even the Romans were deeply smitten by the allure of the city and considered Nice their home. And here at the Nice Ciniez neighborhood, you can get glimpses of the Roman ruins, the baths, and their art exhibits.

And when much about the art and history of the city has been explored, dip at the Theatre de la Photographie rt de I’Image to get glued to the portraits of Hollywood celebrities, or drop in at the Russian Cathedral — inimitable artistry of former U.S.S.R.

List of must see Nice sightseeings:

  • Nice Port
  • Promenade des Anglais
  • Cour Saleya Flower Market
  • Le Chateau
  • Matisse Museum
  • Nice Archeology Museum and Roman Ruins
  • Old Nice
  • Theatre de la Photographie rt de I’Image
  • Russian Cathedral
  • Rue de France Pedestrian Zone

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