Fast Facts

  • Location: 14 miles west of Paris.
  • Best time to Visit: Throughout the year.
  • Preferred Timing: 1st Apr to 31st Oct — 9:00 am to 6:30 pm
    1st Nov to 31st Mar — 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Entry fees: From 1st Apr to 31st Oct – € 20 on weekdays, and € 25 on weekends, free for under 18 years of age and certain special categories of visitors
    From 1st Nov to 31st Mar – € 16 on all days; free for under 18 years of age and certain special categories of visitors
    Last ticket issued at 3:00 pm
  • How to Reach: By train on RER ligne C from Montparnasse Station in Paris or Train SNCF from Saint Lazare Station in Paris; alternatively by bus from Pont de Sevres ligne 171, or by car along roadway A13
  • Nearest International Airport: Roissy International Airport, Orly International airport, Charles de Gaulle International Airport
  • Nearest Railway Station: Versailles
  • The time required for sightseeing: 3 hours

Try to visit the Palace of Versailles between the last week of August and mid-September. It will give you the opportunity to experience the mesmerizing ‘Les Juments de la Nuit’ show. You would be completely awestruck by this grand show featuring eight horses, hundred riders, acrobats, dancers, fireworks and water displays, all against the backdrop of Neptune Fountain.

Versailles Palace and Park France have a footfall of nearly 6 million visitors in one year. Established in 1624 by Louis XIII as a hunting lodge, it was expanded by Louis XIV from 1669 for his amorous escapades with Louise de la Valliere. For their amusement, the king built the Versailles Park around the Palace. At least one full day will be spent on appreciating the Palace of Versailles designed by master architect Jules Hardouin Mansart. Galerie des Glaces, or Hall of Mirrors, overlooking the Versailles Palace Gardens will amaze you.

Paris Versailles Palace constructed in Baroque architecture became the fixed residence of French monarchs since 1682 during Louis XIV’s rule. The Hall of Mirrors was used as the council room. Other additions made during his reign included the Grand Lodgings, Orangery, and the Stables. The Chapel Royal was the last major construction by Louis XIV. Architect and designer Jacques Ange Gabriel built the Opera around 1770 during Louis XV’s rule. He also reworked on all the facades facing the city in traditional French design. A grand staircase, Grand Degríé started by J.A. Gabriel in 1772 was completed in 1985. Visit the Salon of Hercules and the Salon of Abundance for exquisite fresco painting on the walls and ceilings.

Louis XIV constructed the Trianon towards the end of the 17th century to stay with his family away from the protocol of the palace. The Trianon was more a whim rather than a necessity. The Porcelain Trianon decorated with white and blue Chinese type porcelain tiles is a splendor. Surrounded by orange trees, jasmine and floral flowerbeds this pavilion was designed by Louis Le Vau. Another building that would amaze you is the ‘Marble Palace’ designed by Hardouin-Mansart and built under the careful instructions of Louis XIV.

Perhaps the most remarkable creation in Trianon is the ‘Floral Palace’. The King’s Grove, the Gove of Springs, and the Chestnut Grove would leave you baffled. The entire Versailles Palace Gardens is laid out geometrically around one main axis, secondary pathways, radiating pathways and circular and semi-circular pools. The flowerbeds namely Parterre du Midi, and Parterre d’Eau are particularly impressive. You must visit the ‘Run of the Sun’ depicting Apollo, the sun god, riding has chariot out of water waves in dawn. So famous are the palace gardens, that they have been represented in woodwork, paintings, and friezes.

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